Mood crystals – what they mean and how to choose the right crystal for you

Mood crystals

There’s a crystal for pretty much anything, but the abundance of information and different types can be overwhelming. DOSE writer Demi has got the expert tips for choosing the right mood crystals for you.

How to choose a mood crystal

Now you’re on your crystal journey, a great place to start is a book called The Crystal Code by Tamara Driessen. It goes into great detail about all the different types of crystals. I have always been most drawn to the Rose Quartz crystal. Known as the ‘love stone’, it promotes self-love and appreciation, as well as balancing emotional health and releasing emotional blockages. A great crystal for anyone struggling to trust in or open their heart to new relationships. Tamara Driessen likens the Rose Quartz to “a huge hug”, why it’s often linked to happy hormone oxytocin, that will ground you and slow everything down.

‘The way I would encourage anyone to start working with crystals is to first and foremost go with what you’re drawn to” Driessen explains.

“Like us human folk, crystals hold and carry an energetic frequency”, says Selda Goodwin a sound healer and crystal expert. “Every crystal has a different elemental and geographical make up, which helps to determine how they might be helpful to people at different  times. I see crystals as Jewels of the Earth to be discovered by the right person at the right time”.

“Choose a crystal initially based on what you’re drawn to, this activates the more intuitive part of your brain. Allowing the rational mind to take a back seat. When we come from this place of instinct, we generally are tuning into what the body needs at any given time”.

Mood crystals, Luxezen

How to start your crystal journey from Selda Goodwin

– Choose a crystal based on colour, shape and how it makes you feel on first sight or contact.

– Start small. You don’t have to spend huge amounts. One small crystal can be as powerful as any if used in the right way.

– Learn about cleaning and cleansing the energy of crystals before working with them.

– Source ethically (scroll down for suggestions). Many large companies sell crystals from unethically exploded mines. This means the crystals will carry and store the energy and frequency of this damage.

– Make sure you know what the elements are. The name, the properties and the original land location so you can begin to build an understanding of what the crystal is for and why it may have resonated with you.

Best ways to use mood crystals in your everyday routine:

Hold crystals during yoga or meditation

Meditating with crystals is one of the easiest ways to connect with them. Placing crystals on your yoga mat or holding them during meditation can support your meditation state and keep your energy levelled.

Use crystals as home decor

I’ve seen so many Instagram-worthy homes with crystals on shelves or as table centre pieces. They look beaut and bring better energy in your home too.

Carry crystals with you – The more physical contact you have with a crystal, the more you feel its energy. Carry them in your pocket or purse. Take out whenever you need to be reminded of its purpose or to be brought back to a calmer state.

Where to buy mood crystals – sustainably!

She’s Lost Control

A great website with sustainably sourced crystals, as well as tarot cards and books to teach you everything you need to know.

She's Lost Control, mood crystals
She’s Lost Control, mood crystals


This brand on Etsy has loads of ethical crystals and crystal jewellery too.

Mood crystals
Mood crystals


From crystal trees to stones in their natural form this store has everything you’ll need. If you’re an incense lover like me I recommend checking out their incense too!

Mood Crystals
Mood Crystals, LuanaGemStones

We hope you enjoyed our guide to starting your mood crystal journey. If you liked this, read our article on Reiki sessions – one of our favourite holistic therapies.

By Demi

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