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We know what you’re thinking, another new age hippie fad trying to connect us with our inner zen, while some guy profits from book sales and a sponsorship deal with lululemon…but stay with us.

Controlled breathing, like exercise, is known to combat stress and anxiety. It’s just harder to do and for some reason, talk about…

There are 23,040 breaths in each day but few we are actually aware of. When was the last time you took a moment to consciously inhale or exhale?

Having more awareness of our breath connects us to the way we move, think and feel. By aligning our breathing with the beat of our heart we can breathe away stress. That’s why exercise feels so good…

But when you can’t make it to the studio or outside for a run, there are some simple breathing techniques you can do in a few minutes. And you needn’t look further than your iPhone…

Enter BreatheSync a biofeedback app that helps you to synchronise your breathing with your heart rhythm, using the camera to monitor your pulse…

Here’s how it works…

– Download the app here
– Place your finger over the camera lens (make sure you get a good grip – full instructions here)
– Breathe in and out in time with the circles on the app
– Review your WQ (Wellbeing Quotient). A score of under 70 indicates you are stressed and encourages breathing, sleeping and rest. A score of 70-90 urges you to slow down, take a break or a walk for some air. Over 90 indicates that you’re feeling good and ready to take on a new task.

It doesn’t beat a workout, but might help you think about your breathing a little differently… and keep you calmer over Christmas!

BreatheSync and lululemon are collaborating on a campaign to get people breathing better for Christmas 2016.

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