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Feeling weepy… angry… like you want to punch your husband in the face? Whether it’s chocolate for your sanity or big knickers for your sense of comfort, having the right products on hand can make your period SO much more bearable. Here’s what to stock up on according to DOSE writer Charlotte

Doisy & Dam chocolate

Sometimes, I sit at my desk with cramps and that familiar sinking feeling, just desperate to get home and eat chocolate. When I do succumb and stuff my face, I do so with Doisy and Dam. Its chocolate is chock-full of superfoods, has a high cocoa content, and no more than eight ingredients per bar. My favourite is a new addition: ‘Snaps’ are thin, crunchy shards that are seriously moreish. Try the vegan Maple, Toasted Rice & Pink Salt flavour, and thank me later.  

Wild Nutrition supplements

These premenstrual supplements from Wild Nutrition are designed to support the body during that time of the month. They are the leaders in filler and junk-free supplements, and they’re grown in a food state, meaning your body recognises them as it would food, making them gentle on the gut and super easy to digest. Plus,  unlike regular supplements, they are 100 per cent absorbed by the body.

The nifty app DOT

Sometimes, the worst thing about having a period is being caught off-guard by it. Period and fertility tracking app DOT helps track and predict your next period. It can spot trends and patterns, indicating any potential health or fertility issues, and more superficially, can also help you decide if you’ll need to pack tampons for holiday, or if it’s worth avoiding wearing white for a few days. Better safe than sorry.

THINX knickers

THINX offers leak-proof underwear: just what you need when the last thing you want to be worrying about is leaking onto your clothes. Every pair of THINX pants is made of four layers for ultimate period protection – moisture-wicking cotton, anti-microbial lining, super-absorbent fabric and a leak-resistant barrier. This means a winning trifecta of breathability, odour control and fast absorption, helping you to feel great. If your flow is relatively light, THINX period-proof pants can even replace pads and tampons. The brand is committed to eradicating period poverty, too, which is a cause we can get behind.

By Charlotte

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