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Jasmine Hemsley uses her “Restore Aura Spray” to help her get centred, others report leaving her sessions feeling “more grounded and peaceful”, while British Vogue voted her one of the top ten aromatherapists in the world. Who is the mystical Michelle Roques O’Neil? We sent Charlotte along to find out…

I wasn’t really sure what to expect of my appointment with Michelle Roques O’Neil. She’s described, somewhat ambiguously, as a healer, aromatherapist, spiritual life coach and alchemist. Her treatments incorporate acupuncture, reiki, aromatherapy, crystal healing and intuitive touch. She’s also the founder of aromatherapy line THERAPIE Roques ONeil, so you can add business woman to the list.

A modern day alchemist, Michelle believes in the “interconnectedness of all things”, and the power we each hold within us, to self-heal and transcend. Essentially, she responds to however you’re feeling and whatever you need. Part of it is done intuitively, through sensing the body’s energy. She also asks questions about where you are in life and what is lacking. The premise is that all of us operate at a certain energy frequency that is optimal for us, but the stresses of modern day life, hormonal imbalances, illness and so on cause this to be imbalanced. What Michelle does is bring us back to our ideal point of operating, which is why all the treatments are entirely bespoke.

The treatment begins lying down, with what feels like a massage using a blend of aromatherapy oils specially concocted. For me, Michelle chooses sage (“the women’s herb”) and geranium.

At some points Michelle holds me, at others she massages, or rubs, and so on. She believes that all parts of the body are connected – for example, when she does reflexology on my feet, it leads Michelle to believe that my uterus needs attention. “The feet show everything,” she says.

What Michelle aims to do is send energy to where it is necessary, remove blockages, and direct it away from where it is not. Michelle works in a meditative-like state, she says, balancing the body’s Qi – energy that is not yet matter – using whatever therapy form is necessary.

She can feel stress that you don’t even really know is there, as “trauma can be imprinted on a cellular level,” she tells me. Apparently I have internal stress, making my body feel almost lopsided.

It’s a pleasant, relaxing treatment that hopefully offers more knowledge about your body and opens up a dialogue with yourself. It ends with my forehead being rubbed with a a copper Kansa wand, for a smoothing, cooling sensation. Each time you go to Michelle, she says, you may seek something different, and that’s perfectly all right.

I wouldn’t go to Michelle if I had something seriously wrong with me. But nor would she tell you to do so. If you’re feeling slightly off kilter or out of whack, and can’t quite put your finger on why, she’s your woman.

THERAPIE Roques ONeil is launching into Selfridges for the first time. To celebrate, Michelle will be in residence at Selfridges from October 11th – 13th,

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