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It doesn’t hurt to keep a pack of mints close at all times. Especially when they’re good for you…

Peppersmith chewing gum is made with 100% xylitol and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and no aspartame. It is even accredited by the Oral Health Foundation for being actively good for teeth!

We chat to Peppersmith founder Mike Stevens about spotting a gap in the market and leaving a safe, corporate job to go it alone…

Mints with health benefits. An excellent idea. What inspired you to create Peppersmith?

While working at innocent smoothies, myself and my co-founder Dan were living and breathing natural, healthy, sustainable well branded food and drinks. Things were changing rapidly not only in soft drinks but across all areas of food and drink. Well nearly all…

It occurred to us while there were more natural and healthy alternatives to pretty much everything, if you wanted chewing gum there was only really one brand out there we didn’t really like.

Likewise, if you wanted to freshen up with a mint there was no choice other than to have something either full of sugar or weird chemicals. We figured we weren’t the only ones who wanted to buy a product like Peppersmith and currently had no option to do so.

What were you doing before Peppersmith?

I spent 8 years at innocent, first managing their Operations and then launching the brand up in chilly Scandinavia. It was a great experience, however the itch to go and do something for myself would not go away.

There are mints, pastilles & chewing gum in the range. Can we expect any new products?

We are always thinking about new products. Watch this space for new flavours, new pack sizes and new products. Planning new products is one of the really fun parts of the job.

Running a new business can be exhausting. What do you do to unwind? 

Since I started Peppersmith I have completed 3 Marathons and one of the reasons I think I keep going back for more is the long runs are a great way to unwind and process all the challenges the business throws at you. Wine definitely helps too.

Favourite healthy restaurant in London?

I like to keep this fairly simple, the veggie café underneath Richmond Bridge is a good choice. For quick and easy healthy bites, on the go, Leon rarely lets you down.

What was plan B? If you weren’t running Peppersmith, what would you be doing?

As an entrepreneurial type there is always Plan B, C, D, E and even F doing the rounds in the back of the mind. That said Peppersmith remains as exciting as ever and I will continue to work on it for as long as it keeps the creative juices flowing.

Life Mantra?

1) Don’t be lazy. 2) It’s never as bad as you think and it’s also rarely as good as you imagined it would be either, so you better make the most of the journey.

Where can we buy Peppersmith mints?

Peppersmith is sold in both the confectionery and sometimes in the dental aisles. You can also find us in health stores, pharmacies, coffee shops and of course direct on our website.

By Shara

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