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Stress, hormones, rigorous exercising, sweating on the tube (gross, but true), diet, dehydration… the causes of breakouts are endless. Whether you suffer from recurring spots or the occasional blemish, now you can banish them for good thanks to Murad’s Outsmart Blemish Clarifying Treatment.

The medical grade, lightweight gel serum is clinically proven to reduce pimples, blackheads and whiteheads in just 1 week and in true DOSE fashion, we are giving you the chance to sample this wonder product at the studio…

Head over to London’s premier kickboxing studio, Flykick, between Monday 23rd July and Sunday 5th August 2018 to claim a complimentary class*. Simply click on the button below to sign up and apply the code ‘kicktheblemish‘ at the checkout.** After the class, each guest will receive a goody bag with:

Outsmart Blemish Clarifying Treatment Deluxe
Clarifying Cleanser Deluxe
Pure Skin Supplements 30 day
Oil Control Mattifiers SPF 15

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If that wasn’t enough, DOSE readers can claim 15% off Murad products using the code ‘DOSE15’ – valid until 5th September.


Salicylic acid combines with lysophosphatidic, hydroxydecanoic, sebacic and glycolic acids in Penta-Acid Technology to clear skin of blemish-causing bacteria, oiliness and blackheads while minimising dryness and irritation. Natural extracts of honey, boswellia and rice hydrates, calms and soothes.


Outsmarts blemishes by addressing multiple pathways that lead to breakouts. Also, because it is highly effective, yet non-drying, it can be used regularly to keep pores clear and prevent blemishes in addition to treating blemishes.


Never go to bed without thoroughly washing your face. Cleanse twice a day with a cleanser formulated for blemishes.

Avoid harsh scrubs that can burst the pimples and cause additional in ammation, swelling, redness and blockage.

Wash hands often, especially before applying products to skin and avoid touching your face.

Do not “pick” your pimples. This can lead to scarring.


There are 3 factors responsible for breakouts. Outsmart BlemishTM Clarifying Treatment addresses these factors in multiple ways, effectively “outsmarting” blemishes.

Bacteria (P. Acnes): A bacteria that feeds upon oil and dead skin cells that have become trapped in the pore.

Sebum (Oil): Overactive oil glands can become a large contributor to breakouts and can be stimulated by hormones. Hormones (stress, puberty, menstruation and pregnancy) can trigger more oil, leading to hormonal breakouts.

Clogged Pores: A combination of oil and dead skin cells clustered together that can develop into a blackhead or whitehead.

* Wraps are available to purchase for £5 otherwise please bring your own.

** Complimentary class is redeemable between Monday 23rd July until Sunday 5th August 31st July 2018. First time customers only

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