Overheard and seen in the changing room

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When it comes to gym changing room etiquette there are a set of unwritten rules but if these stories are anything to go by it looks like some people may need a refresher course on the dos and don’ts. Here we expose the naked truth about what can go on behind closed doors…

What arse holes

“Why do women always apply body lotion and bend over with no knickers on? I grew up going to nudist beaches as a child so not a prude, I just don’t need to see a stranger’s vagina or butt hole before 9am!”

Farting faux pas

“Loud flatulence in the changing room. Just no!! One girl was just happy trumping away with not a care in the world. Loud enough that the sound of a hairdryer could not conceal it.”

Coiffure your crotch?

“I once saw a woman blow dry her vaginal area after a shower stark naked.”

The ultimate photobomb

“I had a lady FaceTiming someone while I towelled myself off in the background.”

BCAAs or a Big Mac?

“I once saw a guy arrive eating McDonald’s before class walking into the changing rooms eating it.”

This means war 

“Bitch fights for who has the space in front of the mirror or who is next to use the hairdryer.”

Chunder worthy

“So my stories are all grim but I’ve seen someone change their tampon in the middle of a changing room and I’ve also seen faeces in the showers.”

It’s not you, it’s me 

“I heard a woman having a loud argument/break up over the phone with literally everyone else in the changing room listening to the whole thing.”

Diva behaviour

“A girl brought her own dressing gown and slippers with her, which I thought was pretty extra.”

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