Peloton Pilates: app launches its most requested fitness discipline


Due to popular demand, Peloton has added Pilates to its app. Hurrah. Lovers of Pilates are well versed in its myriad benefits, from strengthening and lengthening muscles and helping to improve to focus and leading to superior posture, alignment and flexibility.

It’s no surprise then that Pilates is the fitness brand’s most requested discipline and now joins running, yoga, strength training, bootcamp and meditation on the app.

Crucial for strength and stability as well as long periods spent hunched over your WFH desk, there will be no equipment required – just a mat.

Peloton Pilates will kick off with a 20-class collection featuring intro, beginner, intermediate and advanced classes ranging from 10-45 minutes. The classes will be taught by Kristin McGee, Emma Lovewell, Aditi Shah, Hannah Corbin and Sam Yo.

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