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We could all use a little immunity boost right now. DOSE contributor Aimee trials a Plenish Juice Cleanse with plant-powered shots for an immunity-boosting health kick – here’s how she got on…

As someone who leads a healthy lifestyle, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to get to know my body better. So, what better way than to step back from my day-to-day diet and let the nutrition pros take over. A circuit breaker I called it. Little did I know the astounding results that were to come. A serious skin glow-up. Sky high energy levels. Increased body confidence. And a crystal clear mind.


If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to be kinder to our bodies and our planet. So embarking on my first ever juice cleanse on entering 2021 felt timely. A win for the body and the planet? Yes please. 

I chose their immunity cleanse. But whatever your goal, from weight loss, to a detox, increased energy or simply to start afresh, Plenish is there to show you the way. As a beginner to all things liquid diet, the thought of ‘depriving’ myself of solid food for three days seemed quite daunting. How would I go without solid food for three days, when I’d never even gone without for one? But I knew my nerves were just excitement in disguise. And Plenish’s advice reminded me why I signed up. It’s not about what you’re giving up but what you’re gaining. 

My parcel arrived and I felt pumped. But the box did come with a clear warning. Side effects may include: great sleep, glowing skin, increased energy and the drive to press on and crush it. I made sure to approach with caution.

It was a goodbye to my wine and a big hello to a fully stocked fridge of plant-powered goodness. Three days. A whole lot of juice and some serious self-care. Let’s get the low down shall we…


It’s safe to say I prepped pretty hard for my Plenish Juice Cleanse. Firstly, I set a clear intention for how I wanted to feel. To keep myself accountable, I also created a daily habits tracker: moving my body in some way, documenting how my body felt and looked, journalling about how I was feeling and consuming nutrition related content. This gave me a good structure, but also space for flow, so I could get the most out of my experience.

Plenish Lift Juice
Plenish Lift Juice


Day one arrived and the excitement was real. I jumped out of bed at 6.15am to start my day with hot water and lemon. I then had a staggered plan of six cold-pressed juices plus three plant-powered shots per day.

At 8am, the real fun started. My first chilled juice: Lift. A sweet green juice with 62% vegetable content, including Vitamin C to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Beautifully refreshing, I was ready to take on the day. Bottle one down and straight in the recycling bin it went. All bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic and are recyclable. Knowing this made each sip taste even better.

By just 11am, my energy levels were soaring and I could feel the goodness radiating out of me. The toxins leaving my body. If I felt this good after a few hours, how would I feel after three days?


Plenish also advises to up your self-care throughout the cleanse (a pretty heavenly permission slip hey?). Enter: day-time sauna blanket work breaks and at home beauty treatments.

A strange sensation, I kept feeling goosebumps throughout the day. But the good kind. With juices created using sustainably sourced and high quality organic ingredients, how could I feel anything but pure joy? To some it might sound woo-woo, but I knew this feeling was my intuition telling me I was on the right track. Plus, knowing all the nutrients I needed were sat chilling in the fridge was pure bliss. A true gift of self-love.

By the afternoon, my stomach felt empty. But at no point did I feel hunger. It was a shock to the system skipping my sit-down evening meal. Stopping to reflect made me feel more grateful for this daily ritual. I got myself out for a walk to get rid of any jittery feelings, then tucked into my last ‘meal’ of the day. Savour, a cacao super m*lk described as no ordinary chocolate m*lk. It lived up to everything it said on the tin, my taste buds had a little party. Including everything I need and nothing I don’t, Savour detoxifies our body with every sip. It’s safe to say I savoured each and every one.

To round off my day of self-love, I got on my mat for a 20 minute Peloton yin yoga class. I was feeling a lot of love.

Day one: completed. 9 juices down. All organic, gluten free, vegan and delicious. I knew I was going to sleep like a baby. Dozing off feeling like I was floating in the clouds. Literally.

Plenish Juice Cleanse
Plenish Savour Juice


Waking up on day two, I noticed how calm my sleep was. My juices weren’t just cleansing my body, but my mind too. My skin was also glowing. They really weren’t joking on this one. Everyone I came across commented on it. It was like the nutrients were literally singing out of my pores. 

However, I did find this the toughest day. Replacing my usual breakfast with a clean cold green juice didn’t really cut it. My cravings were calling. I’m also an avid tea-drinker, so I was really missing my fix. But I surrendered to my discomfort, to move through it. I knew the plants were serving me more than my hot comforts.

I felt motivated to move my body a lot this day. Two walks and a sweaty HIIT class it was. Nothing I couldn’t handle (I thought). My endorphins were firing and I had high energy throughout my workout. For the sake of future me, I scaled back to easier options for some exercises. The burpees took a back seat today, which no one was moaning about. But, by 5pm, my energy levels depleted. It was worth the try, but I’d definitely be taking it slower tomorrow. 

By the evening, I was feeling like my own personal cheerleader. My confidence was soaring. When looking in the mirror, I felt so much love for the person staring back at me.


The final day came, celebration and reflection. Three days of consuming so many delicious nutrients, without having to lift a finger. What a luxury. Plenish say: feel your best, inside and out and I’d never felt better. I was worried that cutting out food for this long might make me feel anxious, but what I experienced was the opposite. My mind had never felt calmer and my inner voice was kinder.

I finished my Plenish Juice cleanse without a bloat in sight, the most glowing skin I’ve ever had and a whole lot more love for my body, our planet and the delicious nutrients available to us.

They say you won’t want your cleanse to end and a big part of me really didn’t. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for a comforting meal and a hot brew.


It’s advised to gradually introduce food groups. Plenish supply a post cleanse day meal plan, full of comforting, healthy hot meals, so I already felt guided on my way back to solid foods. I was already acting more mindful of what I was fuelling my body with (and considering the planet whilst doing it): eat less meat, explore more Vegan recipes, switch to non-dairy milk. Whilst changes don’t happen overnight, I knew each step towards a more plant-based diet was one in the right direction. 

So who’s ready to take the first step to a happier and healthier body and planet? Price: £195 or 4 interest-free payments of £48.75 with ClearPay – 3-day immunity cleanse. 6 x bottles + 3 x shots per day. Purchase here

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By Aimee

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