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Andrea Thompson on balancing family with investigative journalism

In this next episode of the DOSE podcast, we speak to Andrea Thompson – the Editor In Chief at Marie Claire. For much of her career she has specialised in investigative journalism and loves helping bring to light inspirational stories from people who traditionally have not been given a voice in mainstream media. She also opens up about launching a cocktail bar with her husband and the joy she gets from running and climbing trees with her kids in Hampstead Heath…

Andrea Thompson – Editor In Chief at Marie Claire on balancing motherhood with a high stress job in investigative journalism

In her years as an undercover reporter, Andrea travelled the world exposing everything from child labour in India to rogue surgeons in Moscow who were creating stem cell beauty treatments from aborted foetuses. She’s secretly filmed money-grabbing doctors on Harley Street for Channel 4 show The Ugly Face of Beauty and went undercover on celebrity yachts in Cannes to investigate the casting couch tradition that exploits young models during festival season.

Her most nerve-wrecking stories included researching the casual use of rape-drugs in Goa for The Sunday Times and going undercover to expose the dubious business dealings of property tycoon Donald Trump for The Daily Mail, a whole decade before he took up residence at the White House.

On mentoring young women

At Marie Claire, Andrea oversaw a hard-hitting feature on rape as a weapon of war that won the title an Amnesty Media Award, and now acts as as a judge for the awards each year. She regularly chairs events for Marie Claire and mentors young women trying to break into the industry.

In this podcast, she talks to us about how she balances a high powered career with raising two children, her advice to budding journalists and how she gets her endorphins pumping though runs and climbing trees in Hampstead Heath – prepare to feel inspired.

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