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We get it… you’ve finished your sweaty spin class and there’s an Eggs Royale with your name on it. To shampoo, or not to shampoo, that is the question. Doesn’t washing your hair regularly strip it of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy, leaving us with dry, brittle locks? Yes… but want to know what’s worse? Brushing your hair when it’s wet, fragile and more susceptible to breakage.

But what if you could get post-gym, clean hair sans sweat without getting it wet? Not only would you halve your shower time and skip the queue for the hairdryer but you’d be one step closer to that Bloody Mary. Well, you can… and it has nothing to do with a shower cap but OFPMA. A patented healthy hair molecule inside Perfect hair Day (PhD) dry shampoo that creates a weightless, invisible shield around each hair strand.

The magic formula repels dirt and oil so hair stays cleaner longer, eliminates frizz by blocking humidity, polishes and protects hair strands and smoothes without weighing hair down. It makes your tresses virtually sweat proof, through even the most vigorous workouts. Don’t believe us?

We tried it ourselves post workout and the results are impressive. After a good five minutes of jooshing, hair feels clean without any powdery build-up and what’s more, it delivers a light, clean scent throughout the day, that kept us feeling fresh as daisies through our power brunch.

It’s our ultimate post-workout weapon. Apart from deodorant that is…

If you spend £30 on the Living Proof website, you will receive a FREE humidity shield travel size worth £14, that prevents the first sign of frizz. A summer must-have. Follow Living Proof on Instagram.

Main image: @rrayyme

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