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Working out is great for our bodies but what effect is it having on our biggest organ… our skin? We speak to Alexandra Soveral, a world renowned facialist known for her spellbinding massages and magic potions, to help set the record straight about whether it’s time to prep our skin for the gym.

She talks us through how to prep skin for the gym with her hand blended range of organic products, including the Volcano Ash face mask… that can even be left on while you’re jumping on the trampoline. Now there’s an idea…

Alexandra Soveral

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Is working out good for the skin?

In general working out is very good for the skin. Increased blood flow means more vital nutrients and oxygen are easily distributed. With an abundance of nutrients such a proteins, vitamins and minerals, the skin is then well equipped to manufacture collagen and elastin. The things that make it firm and youthful!

Also the lymphatic vessels that pick up the lymph don’t have a pumping system up the body so they rely on the contraction of muscles to travel up and take the used lymph away from the skin. We can then say that working out aids the skin’s detoxification as well as nourishing it.

With increased perspiration, toxins are also cleared out through the sweat glands, further alleviating the skin of accumulated waste products.

However, we must be mindful of working out and it can sometimes have a not so positive effect on the skin. Here are the main concerns…

1. Perspiration

Good to clear out toxins but bad for blackheads. This happens if we don’t wipe the sweat off our faces straight after exercise. Or if we exercise for long periods of time without wiping the sweat off our face on a regular basis.


Quick work out of up to 1 hour: Apply Angel Balm to the face and leave on whilst working out. The sweat will open up the pores allowing the fats from the balm to mix in with sebum and the geranium to travel down the skin pores into the sebaceous glands. This has a great regulatory effect.

As soon as work the work out is finished, place a hot damp flannel over the face and thoroughly remove all traces of the balm. You’ll look like you just had a facial!

Prolonged workouts: Have a towel handy, keep on wiping off the sweat every half an hour and spray Floral Rain to hydrate the skin and keep it healthy.

Photo: Soveral

What effect are high intensity workouts having on our skin?

For those that already lack elasticity on the face, the high impact motion can contribute to future sagging of the facial tissues.

It should be counteracted with massage to tighten muscles and a firming mask twice a week. The Volcano Ash face mask, can even be left on while you’re jumping on the trampoline!

How can we prevent broken blood vessels?

Increased blood flow to the face brings nutrients but in excess. For those prone to broken thread veins, this could be a problem. Keeping the face cool and hydrated with Floral Rain can really help.

Tips for preventing breakouts?

Working out in public gyms and sharing yoga mats can contribute to bacteria being passed on to the face. Avoid touching your face at all whilst at the gym and always take your own yoga mat to classes.

How can runners protect skin from pollution?

Running in urban areas such as by the roadside can be quite toxic for the skin, especially when combined with direct sun onto the face.

Wear a good antioxidant based oil such as the Forever Young Oil. And top it up with Formula 2 moisturiser that has more vitamins and a SPF15. This will allow the skin to breathe as well as protecting it. If the sun is strong, run on the shady side!

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