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Yes, you heard correctly. A contradiction in terms right? Like health and hedonism, that for many equates to wine and workouts, beer and yoga (that’s now a thing by the way), or getting high at the gym. Only in San Francisco…

Of course it depends on your definition of hedonism i.e. the pursuit of pleasure. This might be alcohol or the rush of euphoria from the workout itself.

Now we look at psychedelics (the things that produce hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness), in the context of physical and mental health.

Why is it relevant? According to Business Insider, researchers believe they are on the cusp of nothing less than a breakthrough. A single dose of psychedelic drugs appears to alleviate the symptoms of some of the most common, perplexing, and tragic illnesses of the brain. With depression the leading cause of disability worldwide, the timing seems ideal.

In popular culture, the V&A will host an exhibition devoted to 1960s psychedelic rebellion that will examine the positive impact of LSD on the youth.

In the workplace, micro-dosing is all the rage. Professionals are taking tiny hits to make them smarter, happier and more productive according to Wired. What about the influence of psychedelics in the studio?

Chroma Yoga (launching at the beginning of March on Charlotte Road EC2A), will offer a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience based on the energy of colours inspired by the Ganzfeld effect.

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This branch of perceptual or sensory depravation uses a uniformed field of colour to provoke the higher visual cortex of the brain (responsible for the role in processing visual information) to search for the missing information.

An eye mask will be provided which allows gentle red light to filter through, producing a blanket field of colour void of depth or variation. After 20-30 minutes, the brain replaces the lack of visual stimuli with it’s own and patterns, shapes and colours are seen.

Used in combination with the sound frequencies that our brain’s emit when we are in the REM and deep sleep stages of consciousness, this technique can invoke a deeply relaxing state of mind and is a safe and natural way to use your brain to it’s most creative capacity.


In the world of spinning, Les Mills took us on a Trip by immersing riders in a 3D wraparound screen with visualisations and music designed to transport them to another universe. Now IMAXShift in NYC offers a cycling experience through the solar system, to take you from the front of your saddle to the edge of reality.

‘There is less fear of altered states of consciousness. People are looking for practices that help them disengage,’ says Ken Jordan, co-founder of Evolver, a digital platform that explores optimal states of consciousness. ‘It doesn’t have to be a drug – it is all about stepping back and saying: ‘what is going on here?’’

As Lisa Levine, founder of Maha Rose told Well and Good. “Thank the anxiety-inducing era we’re living in. Intense times call for serious magic”.

This article was written by Hettie Holmes, Co-founder of DOSE

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