Rebounding: Is The Bouncing Workout Better Than Running?

is a bouncing workout better than running

It’s official. Eva Longoria has made mini trampolines cool again. With the pandemic forcing us to get fit from home, rebounding, the trampolining trend has had a resurgence. And according to a study by the International Journal of Sports Science, the bouncing workout is twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and 50% more efficient at burning fat than running. But first, for the uninitiated, let’s get our facts straight…

What Is Rebounding?

Rebounding is a form of aerobic exercise using a mini trampoline that is designed for fitness. Jumps can be fast or slow, mixed with aerobic stepping and rest, performed to music.

Is Rebounding good exercise?

According to Dr. Christoph Altmann, head physician for cardiology, rebounding has numerous mental health and wellbeing benefits. It improves posture and requires coordination challenges that stimulate the brain. Plus there’s a fun aspect to it too – especially when performed to music. All of these things lead to a better quality of life and better adjustment to stress.

As a low impact exercise, rebounding is also more suitable to elderly individuals who have at this time found it even more difficult to get in their daily exercise.

Mini trampoline exercises can improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen the heart, allowing sticky blood cells to separate from each other to make it easier for the heart to move them through the veins.

How does a bouncing workout benefit our health?

A bouncing workout on a trampoline increases blood flow to the muscles, especially to underused muscles, while simultaneously loosening tighter and more overused muscles, which can contribute to the relief of stress and burnout, resulting in a happier and more positive mood.

The motion of rebounding itself is also fun and is not as boring as the monotonous motion of running. This contributes to the natural release of endorphins that are experienced during exercise, which is crucial for boosting people’s moods in these particularly difficult times.

The long and dark winter evenings, combined with the restrictions of lockdown, can wreak havoc on mental health. However, rebounding can be done both indoors and outdoors, and many people find that they can do an entire fitness routine on their trampoline.

Dr. Christoph Altmann, head physician for cardiology, expands on this theory: “By rebounding cardiologically justifiable motion sequences to be defined on the trampoline and implemented at home during daily training sessions. The exercises we have developed on the are effective, safe and for patients who are well prepared, they ensure that the therapy is not discontinued, Dr. Altmann explained.

“The high fun factor plays a big part in this. The additional need for upright posture, coordination and the fun gained from this form of exercise when practiced during therapy sessions at home, all lead to a better quality of life and better adjustment to domestic or professional stress for heart patients.”

Is a bouncing workout better than running?

The global pandemic has forced hundreds of individuals to reimagine their daily routines, with at-home exercises becoming a huge part of their lives. With the gyms remaining closed until April 12th at the earliest, we have seen a resurgence in outdoor running, proven by the 243 percent increase of running clothing purchased in 2020.

However, studies now suggest that rebounding, the bouncing workout on a mini trampoline, is a far more effective form of exercise than running and presents multiple health benefits, ranging from physical to mental.

The study, released by the International Journal of Sports Science, revealed that rebounding exercise is twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and 50% more efficient at burning fat than running.

The benefits of running vs rebounding

Of course, both forms of exercise come with undeniable benefits. However, there are some notable comparisons between the two. For example, rebounding can help your body to flush out toxins, bacteria, dead cells and other waste products while improving balance, coordination and overall motor skills.

Running can also help to cleanse the body, while also building muscle strength and improving stamina. However, it is harsher on the joints and can often cause unnecessary and avoidable injury.

Rebounding can work towards supporting bone density, strength and formation, while decreasing bone resorption. This makes it the perfect option for those with osteoporosis. On the other hand, running can positively contribute to weight loss and burns a great number of kilojoules without the same effects on the bones.

In addition, there has been an evolution in the number of virtual rebounding sessions that are available. While running is more of an outdoor and isolated sport if you don’t have access to a treadmill, rebounding allows likeminded people to come together and exercise in a collaborative and energetic environment, which is often more motivating.

Ultimately, rebounding is better than running for a variety of factors. From its ability to burn excess fat, as well as the mental health advantages associated, rebounding is a form of exercise that is expected to reach new heights of popularity in 2021.

What is a bellicon rebounder?

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