Richie Bostock On The Power Of Breathwork


Next on the DOSE podcast, we are joined by Richie Bostock – Breathwork extraordinaire and lululemon ambassador…

We talk about; his personal journey into breathwork after his father was diagnosed with MS and how this led to his discovery of the Wim Hof method. How many hugs we need per day to get a hit of love hormone oxytocin, the breathing principles of tantra, how breathwork can help people suffering from anxiety, depression and sleep problems, as well as how breathing through our noses on the inhale and exhale will improve our fitness performance.

Richie Bostock on why we need 7 hugs per day

“The most up to date science suggests that for us to have the optimum amount of oxytocin per day within our system, we need to have at least seven hugs a day”, he says. “I’m not talking about a little cuddle but a hold for at least five seconds. Not many people are getting that now, why many people are buying dogs and the premium on puppies has gone up by 400-500%. If we don’t have the opportunity of a golden retriever or someone to touch or cuddle, there are a couple of things that can help.

Richie explains that touching ourselves in a couple of different places (besides the obvious) does help with oxytocin. “The palms of the hands are very sensitive” he says. “When we mindfully rub the palms together it increases the presence of delta waves in emotional part of brain that help to bring down the stress and fear response, as well as bringing up levels of happy hormones”.

Another place that works well, he says, is “the sides of the arms between shoulders and elbows across arms and chest”, which does the exact same thing. As does “rubbing the face, especially around the eyebrows under the eyes down to mouth. Stroking these places increases delta waves in the limbic system too and makes us feel good”.

Bring on the at home beauty treatments and home-facials!

Richie Bostock on the power ox oxytocin
Did you know that Oxytocin is the ‘O’ in DOSE?

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