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If you’ve signed yourself up to a half marathon, or god forbid a full one (seemed like a good idea at the time right?) … hats off. There’s nothing fun about running in the pitch black with temperatures plummeting outside, before a gruelling day at the office – aside from the endorphin rush of course…

Most training plans advise a preparation time of 17 weeks with a combination of interval training, stretching and rest. But be warned… prolonged, heavy running – particularly in the outdoors when we’re exposed to UV (or lack thereof…) and pollution, causes oxidative stress – when the body doesn’t have enough antioxidants to neutralize free radicals. Make sure you eat a diet high in anti-oxidants and pack in the vitamin c…

To help you get the most out of your pavement pounding… here’s a round up of some of the best running routes combined with places to stretch out and refuel in-between.

Running Route: River Thames
DOSE says: “A great Sunday morning run. Bring a running buddy who will appreciate the epic landmarks and has a penchant for pancakes…”
Distance: 5.9 miles (click here to view route)
Stretch: Trailblazer + Recovery at F45 – a light jog around the block to loosen up muscles, followed by stretching using foam rollers and bands
Brunch: Healthy crepe at Where the Pancakes Are with sweet and savoury, vegan, dairy free and gluten free options

Running Route: Battersea to Richmond
DOSE says: “Follow the Thames out of the city into leafy Richmond. Unwind with a spa treatment or yoga at the other end – you deserve it”
Distance: 12.3 miles (click here to view route)
Stretch: Yoga at bhuti in Richmond
Brunch: Pesto courgetti at bhuti cafe.

Running Route: The Royal Parks
DOSE says: “A great weekend run for nature lovers… Start with a run, work in some hot yoga and reward with a protein heavy lunch”
Distance: 6.5 miles (click here to view route)
Stretch: Hot yoga at Hot Pod Yoga in Notting Hill
Brunch: Cocotte – a healthy chicken rotisserie to eat in or takeaway. If you’re waiting on a table, Nando’s is also just a few doors down…

Running Route: Hampstead Heath
DOSE says: “Prepare for some serious hill climbing… but it’s worth it for the amazing views over the city. Stretch out with pilates in Hampstead or yoga in Crouch End”
Distance: 3.6 miles (click here to view route)
Stretch: Zen at Centric3:Tribes or Pilates at HeartCore Hampstead
Brunch: Eggs at The Haberdashery in Crouch End for a slap up brunch or Ginger and White in Hampstead

Running Route: East London Towpaths
DOSE says: “A tour of East London via London’s historic canals. Head to trendy Hackney for an Insta worthy brunch and yoga in an underground bunker”
Distance: 6.2 miles (click here to view route)
Stretch: From basic yoga to ballet rebels, bums and guns… find it all at happening hipster studio The Refinery
Brunch: Head to Palm Vaults for an Acai bowl or Avo on toast washed down with a pink beetroot latte…

Running Route: Regents Park
DOSE says: “Prepare for a hill climb up Primrose Hill and reward with yoga or a ‘Runner Face’ workout at Facegym in Selfridges to target free radicals
Distance: 3.3 miles (click here to view route)
Stretch: Stretch the body with yoga at Indaba in Baker Street or a Facegym in Selfridges.
Brunch: Swing by The Good Life Eatery or Hotel 108 on Marylebone Lane, or visit Hemsley & Hemsley cafe on the 3rd floor in Selfridges

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