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We all run for different reasons. For many it’s a form of active socialising or meditation, an excuse to visit new places, or a chance to push our fitness to the limit, and “chase the dragon” known as the Runner’s High…

A casual, half-hearted jog won’t provide enough discomfort to get you there. Endorphins are pain killers after all (endogenous morphine). But it doesn’t have to be excruciating, just a pace that is comfortably challenging. Research shows that running with others and listening to your favorite music can amplify the rush.

An inspiring location also helps. Try running through the city of love with steak frites waiting at the finish-line, or through a vineyard with wine tasting on route. Yes a Bacchus marathon actually exists and we’re signing up (tickets go on sale February 13th).

To help you tap into that Runner’s High, here’s a round up of headphones, running clubs and challenges…


BOSE SoundSport

BOSE SoundSport
What: There’s nothing more annoying than earphones that keep falling out of your ears. BOSE SoundSport stay comfortably in place thanks to special tips that mould to the ear’s shape. Choose from 5 colours; Charcoal, Frost, Energy Green, Neon Blue or Power Red.
Price: £79.95 on Amazon

Monster iSport Victory

Monster iSport Victory
What: Good if you want total noise isolation that will block everything out except for the music. If you’re a cautious runner who likes to hear the sound of passing traffic, these are perhaps more suited to the treadmill. The tips mean they stay in your ears and there’s a cable for controlling music and calls. 
Price: £79.95 on Amazon

Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra Elite Sport
What: If you want to go totally wireless, try these cable-free ear buds. They even have an in-ear heart rate monitor that works with Jabra’s Sport Life companion app so you get in-ear coaching as you run. But they don’t come cheap…
Price: £229.99 on Amazon


Nike+ Run Club

Adidas Runners

Run Dem Crew

SRC Sweatshop Running Community

RuN Camden

Lululemon Run Club


5 Fitbit Semi de Paris
12 Zurich Marathon de Barcelone
19 Run In Marseille
19 Vitality Reading Half Marathon
24 Jurassic Coast Challenge
26 Run My City

8 Endurancelife Exmoor Marathon
9 Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris
9 Brighton Marathon
23 Virgin London Marathon

1 Belfast Marathon
7 Shakespeare Marathon
28 Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel

4 10 km l’Equipe

9 Vitality Move (Chatsworth House)

10 Bacchus Marathon
17 Vitality Move (Windsor Great Park)
24 Loch Ness Marathon

1 Run In Lyon
15 Run In Reims
15 Eden Project Marathon

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