Practice some self love with Meditation and Masturbation


Self-love, whether we’re chanting positive affirmations to ourselves or combining meditation with masturbation, can only be a good thing. But will taking vibrators to yoga really be the new normal?

When we engage with our bodies and better understand its needs and possibilities, it helps you to create an intimate and more conscious connection to your body – similar to yoga.

Mindful Masturbation

Meditation and Masturbation

We-Vibe has illustrated these parallels and advantages in cooperation with yoga instructor Aubry Marie in the form of two videos. The goal: to make “Mindful Masturbation” – a conscious, sensual and decelerated routine of self-love – accessibly to the masses.

Aubry shows various breathing techniques and exercises that improve flexibility, relax and strengthen the muscles and transport the viewers / participants into Shavasana (deep relaxation).

(FYI – both videos do not contain any sexually explicit content).

1) The short session: For beginners

In this 15-minute video, Aubry shows simple exercises to stretch the body and introduces common breathing techniques. She engages the pelvic floor muscles through specific movements. At the end of the session, Nova 2 is used to activate the root chakra. Aubry uses the vibrations as a kind of “sensory anchor” that helps to focus body and mind and mobilise energy. This energy can support an intense orgasm. This course is suitable for all levels and a perfect introduction for all Yoga (and Nova) beginners.

2) The complete session: For advanced students

If you feel like doing more after the trial course, and for all advanced yoga lovers, there is also this 33-minute video. From the beginning, the root chakra and the energy gained through it are in the focus. Aubry shows in detail how body and mind are strengthened through breathing techniques, meditation and bandhas (energy control exercises) to facilitate an intense “blended orgasm”.

In comparison to the first video, Aubry uses more meditation practices in the full session, creating further awareness of your own body.

So what do you think, will you be practising Mindful Masturbation this Valentines day?

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