April WFH Survival Hotlist


100% natural and active. It moisturises the skin and protects it from pollution.


Yogi Bare Tropical Print Yoga Mat

Take your daily workout to the tropics in an instant


Hybrid Resistance Bands - Set of 5

Exercise bands for Pilates, training, physio, stretching and home workouts


Move Your Frame Gliding Discs

Place under your hands/feet to create instability when performing body weight exercises to promote increased strength & joint stability


Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate by Shiseido

Imugeneration Technology uses powerful natural extracts to boost your skin's ability to maintain an idea condition


Desmond & Dempsey

There's just something about pineapples that we would like in all our lounge wear including these pjs


Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by thisworks

Use at bedtime to help reduce sleep anxiety and improve sleep quality


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