Christmas Wishlist 2021

Antler Clifton Cabin case

Everything you could possibly want from a suitcase. Each feature is designed to last longer and function better than ever before.


North Face duffel bag

A brilliant dual function holiday bag. Use it as a duffel when it's in transit, or wear it as a backpack with the detachable straps


The Train Happy Journal by Tally Rye

The 30-day plan deconstructs your workout rules, understanding your emotions, celebrating “mini victories” and so much more


Goddess Leggings by Sweaty Betty

Goddess Foil Gym Leggings. Lightweight & stretchy perfect for high intensity and holistic workout


Dream Distillery CBD Body Oil

A luxuriously lightweight conditioning natural base oil is infused with aromatherapy oils, CBD and calming botanicals


Chelsea backpack by Antler

The perfect compact backpack designed to fit in everything! Your laptop, your gym wear and everything else in between


Infrared PEMF mat by Higher DOSE

Hit this infrared heated mat to ease chronic pain, recover from workouts, or experience total-body relaxation


The Botanist Plant Conservation Edition Gin

Limited Edition gin with botanicals that are distilled slowly in a uniquely modified still. Now B Corp certified


Mahabis Alto boots

They look like a chelsea boot, but feel like a cushioning, supportive slipper. Perfect for when guests pop over



Everything you need to achieve salon worthy manicures in the luxury of your own home


All birds natural legging

Break a sweat, not the planet with these buttery-soft, midweight leggings. Made with a mix of eucalyptus tree fibre & merino wool


Fitbit Charge 5

The latest fitness & health tracker with an ECG app for heart health, EDA Scan app for stress management and so much more


Whistles sustainable sweatshirt

A layering wardrobe cotton staple to throw on after yoga on the way to brunch



A mood calming blend of natural essential oils that has been designed to soothe the spirit & relax you. Spray & inhale when you need a moment of calm



A mood boosting blend of natural essential oils that has been designed to energise and motivate you. Spray and inhale when you need a hit of energy.


Amethyst Water Bottle

This water bottle is made from glass and stainless steel, with a removable amethyst crystal that's thought to emit calming and creative energy.


Bed Of Nails Bon Acupressure Mat

The Bon acupressure mat can aid in detoxification, increase blood flow, help you to sleep better and it’s portable so you can take it from home to the office.


EVE bamboo bed linen

We don't need an excuse to stay in bed. A perfect way to stay cool and cosy at home wrapped in this duvet set


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