Gym items you never thought you needed


E-commerce shopping platform, AliExpress has just announced its biggest sale in history. With savings available of up to 90% off in some product categories, millions of products will be up for grabs like crystal massagers to revitalise your face and ultraviolet shoe dehumidifiers to leave your trainers smelling brand new. Some useful, others damn right whacky, but this is a sale you don’t want to miss.

The AliExpress Anniversary sale will start on 28th March and end 30 March 2018. Start loading those shopping baskets now. Here are some of our top picks…

Percol Fairtrade Iced Coffee Protein Latte 4 x 225ml

Crack open and enjoy as a pre or post workout drink


Adjustable ankle & wrist weights

Adjustable weights to make your workouts even tougher


Rainbow Coloured Resistance Bands

Fitness bands for a versatile range of movement in all the colours of the rainbow


Peanut Myofascial Release Ball

A fascia massage roller for Pilates & yoga shaped like a peanut

$3.03 - $7.28

Waterproof Gym Bag for Shoes

Gym bag with mesh pockets for storing trainers and smelly clothes


Ultraviolet Shoe Dryer

A shoe heater, steriliser, deodorant & dehumidifier all in one!


Wrist Bandages for Weightlifting

Adjustable elastic wrist wraps for weightlifting


Yoga mat with leaf surface

Yoga mat with decorative pattern in blue, green, red & pink


Natural Rose Quartz Facial Massager

Pop in the freezer and use daily to revitalise, refresh & rejuvenate skin

$15.44 - $22.82

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