November Hot List

Angela Langford cleansing balm

Perfect if your skin is dry, damaged, dull or flakey. This is your recipe for clean, smooth & radiant skin this Winter


Culthread London

Guaranteed free from all animal derived products & hand crafted from British waxed fabric. Definitely our Winter cult


Bulldog gin

12 carefully selected botanicals are added to this defiantly delicious gin, including white poppy, dragon eye, lotus leaf and warming liquorice


Adidas tote

2 in 1. From office to gym. The adjustable shoulder straps allow for easy conversion to a backpack


Adidas Here to create muscle tee

Grit and grace. Strength and softness. The floral camouflage print on this t-shirt celebrates the best of both worlds


By Sarah Organic Facial Oil

99% Organic, 100% Natural, pumped full of sweet almond, apricot, pumpkin seed, argan oil, evening primrose & vitamin E


Bose noise-masking sleepbuds

They look like tiny headphones, but Bose noise-masking sleepbuds are uniquely designed for sleep


Ape Snacks

Light and crunchy with only a touch of sea salt and pure coconut goodness. A combat for that 3pm craving with all the goodness


MASKOREA Too Many Late Nights Sheet Mask

High on our shopping list as we enter the party season


Evolve Beauty Daily Renew Facial Cream

The gentle smell of coconut and vanilla is addictive. There is nothing not to like about this organic moisturiser


Benefit Gold Rush

Perfect for the Christmas season, this golden-nectar blush gives any look a natural-looking warm glow!


Altitude Gin

A smooth, balanced & refreshing gin, infused with fruit flavours from alpine mountains. €1 of every bottle is sent to the Mont Blanc conservation too

From £36.00

Under Armour cold gear zip up top

Layering up for cold Winter runs is the best way to hit the ground running as the temperature drops


Under Armour Breathe training shoe

New everyday bright whites for in the gym and the office. Thankfully the days of casual Friday are over.


Aveda speed of light blow dry accelerator spray

Vegan & silicone-free formula lowering the pH of hair and also flattens the hair cuticle leaving locks perfectly primed for styling


Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish body

The lightest softest body exfoliator we've added to our Winter skincare routine


LNDR Resistance Leggings

You have never known body sculpting until you wear these! We're hooked


Seven Seas Perfect7 Renewal Advanced 30 Day Trio Pack

A natural source of ceramides, that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 60 days!



Wear your sustainability statement with these Primus Lite, putting your feet in control of every run, walk and workout


Lululemon Principal Dancer Golden Lining Bralette

A beautiful soft bralette from the limited edition Francesca Hayward collection


Bounce Energy Balls: Unguilty Pleasures: 12 pack

This nutty, chewy ball with a salty kick is dangerously moreish


Ben & Jerry's dairy free ice cream

When your favourite indulgence is now made with almonds and still rich, creamy in taste and delicious!


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