Star sign essential oils – how to find yours to balance mind and body

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star sign essential oils

Want to know your star sign essential oils? Connecting essential oils to your star sign isn’t a new idea. Early herbalists were astrologers too and assigned a ruling planet to each medicinal herb.

Whilst aromatherapy is different for everyone, if you understand some of the common characteristics associated with your zodiac sign, both positive and challenging, you can look at essential oils to help you nurture and take care of both emotional and physical health and wellbeing problems.

What’s your star sign essential oil?

star sign essential oils

VIRGO – Orange

Virgos can be logical, precise and perfectionists. Orange essential oil would benefit the Virgo personality with its ability to calm and stabilize the mind of someone constantly seeking perfection.

TAURUS – Lemon

Children of Taurus are highly practical, logical and like a steady ground. But as we know, not everything in life is plain sailing. Making sure that your immune system stays strong even when your mind is weak is key, and for that you need Lemon essential oil

CAPRICORN – Rosemary

A Capricorn is practical, ambitious and determined. Burning the midnight oil, they can be prone to stiff joints and problem skin. With its strengthening properties, Rosemary essential oil is a good pairing for this sign; it is also recommended for helping ease a fatigued mind.

star sign essential oils


Passionate, bold, courageous, Scorpio has the most energy of the zodiac. This sign to be reckoned with is best partnered with the Rose Absolute oil, which soothes, relieves and balances its wild side.

CANCER – Geranium

Cancerians are known for their caring nature and need of a loving, safe environment. Geranium essential oil will help make a cancerian feel secure and keep the signature moodiness at bay.

PISCES – Tea Tree

Water sign, Pisces, are gentle, intuitive and patient. These sensitive spiritual dreamers take on a caring role, which makes the cleansing and caring properties of Tea Tree essential oil the ideal match.

star sign essential oils


Sagittarius can be friendly, carefree and enthusiastic. They can also be restless and have a tendency to overdo it. The warming properties of Ginger essential oil help improve circulation on tired limbs and ease nausea; especially good for this globe-trotting star sign.

LEO – Clary Sage

Confident and charismatic are often traits of a Leo. Helping to balance a strong personality of this star sign is Clary Sage essential oil, ensuring your extrovert nature is seen as positive and not over-bearing.

ARIES – Lavender

A natural born leader with a determined nature, Aries entrepreneurial spirit can sometimes put them under too much stress. Soothing and calming Lavender essential oil will help calm the mind, helping to avoid tension headaches.

LIBRA – Frankincense

The zodiac’s peacemaker, Librans are busy using their charm to negotiate tricky situations and keep harmony. Frankincense essential oil works well with this earth sign due to its balancing properties – perfect for when you feel stuck in the middle.

AQUARIUS – Peppermint

Liberal and creative, Aquarians are great company with fresh ideas. Peppermint essential oil is a match made in heaven as it can help strengthen the mind and ground the spirit – perfect for helping make big ideas a reality.

GEMINI – May Chang

Geminis are known for their communication skills and dual- personalities. Keeping up the lively, versatile lifestyle can often be a burden. Keep your spirits up and energy levels high with the zesty fragrance of May Chang essential oil.

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