Stephanie Case - Human Rights Lawyer & Ultra Marathon Runner

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Next on the DOSE podcast, we have a real fire cracker. Human rights lawyer and ultra marathon runner Stephanie Case, who we came across in the latest campaign from The North Face, which is all about women who never stop pushing boundaries.

We talk about her career journey to becoming a lawyer and what ignited her passion for humanitarian work. How running began as a distraction from the stress of her law school studies and developed into a lifelong passion. Her non-profit initiative “Free To Run”, which brings sports to women in conflict zones – as well as that time she decided to run 36KM to celebrate her 36th birthday after a boozy party at midnight…


Stephanie Chase - Human Rights Lawyer And Ultra Marathon Runner
The North Face

On how ultra running helps her to deal with a high stress job

“For me, ultra running is so essential to help me deal with all of the stress that I have from work, particularly when I am working in areas of conflict. A lot of people think of ultra running as being draining and a stress on the body but it’s the tool that gives me strength. It’s what recharges me.

I really wouldn’t be able to do the work that I do without the running. When my legs are moving, my mind becomes still and I can actually visualise the stress coming out of my body, out of the top of my head and littering the trail with little black dot of stress. I’ve always found a lot of the issues that come at me at work are almost too overwhelming to deal with sitting at a desk. I have to be able to work through them when moving out on the trail”.

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