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If you want to sit in a rubber ring this summer instead of wearing one, it’s time to engage those obliques.

Yes, they really do exist… somewhere between last night’s pasta and that flagon of wine. But rather than holding side planks for what feels like an eternity, optimise your workout with a TRX. There isn’t a core crafting tool quite like it.

Why is it so efficient? When your feet are hoisted in the air, you limit your contact with the floor so the only way to stabilise the body is by recruiting core muscles. Constant instability means the abs are always switched on. Here’s where to find your fix…

HeartCore Fulham
Photo: @thepowtential

HeartCore Fulham

Looking for a high octane start to your weekend? Try a 55 min class with Gok – head of TRX at Heartcore. Catch him every Saturday in Fulham 8am – 9am, 9am – 10am or 10am – 11am. His irrepressible energy and statement beard (that’s almost as versatile as a TRX), make for a truly memorable class. Expect to leave feeling like a superhero.

Address: 723 Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 5UL

Tube: Parsons Green (District), Fulham Broadway (District)

Price: First class is free (for Heartcore first timers). Single class – £27. 5 classes – £125 (£25 each). 10 classes – £220 (£22 each).

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Photo: Sweat by BXR

Sweat by BXR

Want to train like an athlete? Try the ‘Suspension Training’ TRX class at Sweat by BXR, designed by Jamie Reynolds. A Nike Master Trainer and Anthony Joshua’s strength and conditioning coach.

Address: Chiltern Street, London W1U. (Entrance: 24 Paddington St)

Tube: Baker Street (Bakerloo)

Price: Intro offer 2 credits for £30 (£15 per class). 1 class £30.00.

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TRX Gymbox
Photo: TRX Gymbox

Gymbox Farringdon

If you like adult jungle gyms… head to Gymbox Farringdon for a combination of strength training, core work and high intensity in 45 minutes. One half of the room work on TRX while the rest work on body weight exercises. Try a class Monday at 12.15 or Thursday 7.45.

Address: 12 Leather Ln, London EC1N 7SS

Tube: Chancery Lane (Central)

Price: See membership options or drop in for £20.

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Transition Zone
Photo: Transition Zone

Transition Zone

Looking for a quickie morning workout? Transition Zone offers a TRX/ViPR class that blends loaded movement training on the ViPR with TRX in 30 minutes. For pure, unadulterated strap work, try the Bodyweight class where you’ll spend 80% of time on the TRX.

Address: 17 Heathman’s Road, Parsons Green, London, SW6 4TJ

Tube: Parsons Green (District)

Price: Drop in class £28. 5 pack £120.

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Core Collective
Photo: Core Collective

Core Collective

For a TRX class in a beautiful setting head over to Core Collective for ‘Resistance’. Sign up to the DIBS programme to access classes for as little as £16 at off-peak times. Work through 45 minutes of relentless, technical TRX moves without much cardio (or respite) in-between.

Address: 45 Phillimore Walk, Kensington, London W8 7RZ

Tube: High Street Kensington (Circle & District)

Price: Drop in class £28. 4 pack £90.

Photo: wUUrkout


If you want to combine TRX with your yoga practice, try TRX Yoga Core at ETHOS. A blend of strength, resistance and flexibility work. For something punchier, try TRX Annhilator that combines cardio drills and TRX for the ultimate calorie-burner. Or train Royal Marine style with TRX Spartan.

Address: 8 Horner Square | London E1 6EW (between Wagamama and Las Iguanas)

Tube: Liverpool Street (Circle & District, Central, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan)

Price: Drop in class £20. 10 pack £180

Visit the website

By Hettie

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