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Lucy Campbell

Meet Devon born Lucy Campbell. A professional surfer, former Women’s British champion and UK Pro surf tour champion at the tender age of 21.

We chat to the Boardmasters ambassador about the hardest part of her job (aside from deciding what bikini to wear), and how she prepares mentally and physically for tackling the swell…

Describe a typical week building up to a competition…

I like to try and surf the contest beach a few times and ease off land training. A few easy yoga sessions and early nights. 9 time is prime time!

How do you prepare physically and mentally?

I do quite a lot of strength, conditioning and balance work, especially when the waves are flat in order to keep strong in the water. Mentally, I know I surf my best when I’m relaxed so I just try not to over think things and not get over excited!

Describe your typical diet…

I usually cook from scratch so I know what’s going in to it. Generally it’s just lots of veggies, meat, fish and nuts, dried fruits and oats… I don’t know why but I bloody love oats! I eat quite a lot.

My Mum used to always feed me before taking me to Birthday parties so that I didn’t eat the other kids’ food too! So I always try and fill up on veggies or things that are going to keep me feeling full.

When allowed, what’s your favourite way to indulge?

I have such a sweet tooth! So you can probably guess that I’m often finding excuses to indulge! I really enjoy baking so I guess my favourite thing would be to make something that I’ve been day dreaming of and eat it still warm from the oven…

Have you had any surfing related injuries?

Nope, so far I’ve gotten away with a few cuts and scrapes from surfing reef breaks and a handful of bumped heads and bruises from my board! Touch wood!

What’s your definition of happiness?

Spending time with my friends. I don’t get to see them very often so a catch up with brekkie or in the sea at sunset is always bliss! Either that or eating peanut butter!

Career highlight?

Becoming the British Women’s champion.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Choosing which bikini to wear. No I’m kidding I think the hardest part would have to be finding the balance between surfing and training and keeping on top of all the admin stuff. I guess everyone has those days where you sit down with your morning coffee and start doing emails then you glance up to find it’s already dark outside!

If you weren’t a surfer, you would be…

Probably still running around an athletics track!

Life mantra?

It would have to be ‘do what makes you happiest’. It’s something my Dad has always said to me growing up!

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