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For our latest episode of the DOSE podcast, meet the founder of Surfers Not Street Children, Tom Hewitt MBE…

Surfers Not Street Children

There’s no denying that doing good feels good and this is no doubt the case for our next guest, Tom Hewitt, founder of Surfers Not Street Children. A committed a campaigner who has worked ‘in the field’ with street children in Africa for over 27 years.

He is well known for his model of fusing surfing with mentorship to empower street children in Durban.

In this podcast we talk about his career journey to creating Surfers Not Street Children which counts everyone from Kelly Slater, to Prince Harry, Pope Francis to the Queen who awarded him an MBE, amongst its supporters, the satisfaction he gets from empowering these children to become independent and self-sufficient, and the therapeutic benefits of surfing in aiding stress and anxiety.

Notes from the podcast –

In this podcast we refer to “Will” (Will Bailey), a top UK surfer

The documentary “Kissed by God” about Andy Irons is available to watch on Amazon Prime

Sunny Garcia, is a Hawaii native and former world champion, who suffers from depression

Andrew Cotton and Andy Blake (“Cotty and Blakey”) based in Devon, run SurfFit retreats aimed at boosting confidence and surfing ability

Jamie O’ Brian is a top surfer who is nailing the Instagram game

Stefanie Gilmore is a top surfer and supporter of the Girls Surf Too program, aimed at helping girls, some as young as 5, who face a daily battle against sexual and physical violence, drugs, gangs and prostitution.

Mini Cho is a top surfer from Mozambique

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