Teetotal Tipples

Ever decided to go booze-free only to find the alternatives a little, well… boring? If you’re embarking on a dry spell, this book from Helen McGinn is just the tonic (so to speak). The drinks expert and international wine judge, writes columns for the Daily Mail and Waitrose Food magazine. She’s also the author of award-winning wine blog and bestselling book The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club.

In her book, Teetotal Tipples, you’ll find mocktails, infusions and other adult soft drinks to help you through January and beyond. DOSE rounds up a selection of recipes to make at home…

Handful of ice cubes
200ml ginger ale
Sprig of basil leaves
Slice of fresh lime

Directions: Put a handful of ice cubes into a tumbler and fill up with ginger ale. Add a sprig of basil leaves, torn if you want more flavour, or just as it is if you prefer a ginger hit. Add a slice of lime and pop in a straw so you can mix it up from time to time as you sit.

1.5 litre of sparkling mineral water (enough left over to top up or drink the next day)
Dash of fresh lemon or lime juice
Sprig of fresh mint
Pinch of sea salt flakes
Lots of ice cubes
1/2 – 1 cucumber

Directions: This works best if made up in a glass jug. Pour in a bottle of sparkling mineral water and add a dash of lemon or lime juice (or both if you’re feeling really reckless). Stick in a sprig of mint and add a pinch of sea salt. Add lots of ice cubes and stir the cucumber – the whole lot.

150ml fridge-cold watermelon juice (about 3 big hunks of watermelon, see directions*)
50ml coconut water
Squeeze of a fresh lime juice
Handful of ice cubes

Directions: Blitz about three big hunks of watermelon in a blender, chill and then pour through a metal sieve into a jug. Pour 50ml coconut water into a tall glass and roughly one to three parts watermelon juice, along with a squeeze of lime and a handful of ice cubes.

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