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When you work from home and spend the majority of your time with a laptop and a spaniel, you run the ever so slight risk of resembling a bag lady.

Pyjamas and activewear merge into one, hair scrunched scruffily into a bun and face free of any make up, which you tell yourself is a good thing, to allow your skin to “breathe”.

The amount of products you receive is enough to fill a small shop and keep you in a perpetually pampered state (you’d think so, right?) But the tragic reality is often a frazzled human being hunched over a laptop, gnawing nails, gulping coffee in a dressing gown.

Thank god for services like blow LTD. Launched by entrepreneur and venture capitalist Dharmash Mistry and former editor of ELLE and Grazia, Fiona McIntosh in 2013, it has become the leading On Demand beauty business in the UK.

Now there’s really no excuse for bag lady to get her way with a service that forces you to make an effort. By forced, I mean a complete stranger turns up at your front door, sits you down and physically alters your appearance.

It’s also so easy to book. Simply download an app, choose from a range of beauty and wellbeing services from; blow dry, make-up, nails, massage, waxing, yoga and pilates, tap in a post code and voila!

blow LTD
Photo: blow LTD

Whether you’re at home, at the office (or home-cum-office in my case), you can choose an appointment from 7am until late, seven days a week.

On selecting my ‘Kérastase Bespoke Blow-dry’ this morning from my bed, the nifty app connects me with an “expertly trained and tested beauty professional” in a matter of minutes. Just a few hours later, the door buzzes and in walks my therapist. Here begins the game of Russian roulette…

Like Uber, you never know quite what you’re going to get. But knowing that out of the 120,000 beauty services delivered to date, the average satisfaction score is 95%, I set my expectations high.

My smiley therapist Laura is delightful. Thankfully she’s a fan of spaniels and doesn’t seem to judge me for my choice of activewear. I offer her a coffee and we indulge in light hearted conversation as she smooths a Kérastase Densifique mousse through my hair that appears to be ‘lacking body’.

Out comes the dryer and she slaps on some Resistance Ciment Thermique (anti-breakage blow dry milk with heat protection for damaged hair, to you and me). After some volume plumping, she styles it into a fishtail braid.

I ask her what it’s like working for blow LTD. The feedback is positive. It seems to provide a platform for her to earn more money. Up to twice her earnings in a typical salon and provides flexibility and the ability to self-manage thanks to the app. Obviously she would prefer a career on the stage (one can dream) but it’s a good money earner for now.

As she hesitantly adds more clips, I start to regret my decision, wishing I had gone for the best-seller. You can’t go wrong with a Luxe Blow.

My plait falls out within hours that leaves me looking like a teenager. An error on my part. I still rate Laura a good 4/5.

At the end of the treatment I am prescribed a Kérastase product shopping list. There’s some debate over ‘Voluminifique’, ‘Densifique’ and ‘Chronologiste’. It seems I could do with all three.

Despite the braid (it definitely needed more Laque Noire to hold), my hair looks shiny and feels in good condition. It’s no wonder Kérastase has become an award winning iconic brand used and adored by beauty editors and celebrities all over the world.

If you’re thinking of booking a bespoke blow dry, prices start at £30 for a 30 minute beauty bar appointment. £40 for a 40 minute At Home appointment. £60 for a 60 minute Bespoke At Home appointment. Or £70 for a 70 minute VIP At Home appointment… presumably that’s the one with a top stylist.

I would recommend this service for fast moving women looking for on-the-go grooming. It will take your mane from flat to fabulous in a matter of minutes and leave you feeling like the boss of that boardroom. You might as well get your nails done in the process.

blow LTD is also a great choice for hen-parties or a girls night in. Just add some Prosecco and you’ve got yourself a perfect evening.

Book now and save £10 off your first service with exclusive promo code DOSE10.

– Code is valid until midnight on the 30/06/17
– Only one use per customer
– Code can only be used on home beauty service it is not valid at our beauty bars
– Customers must register to blow LTD before booking a service.
– Customers can book by downloading the blow LTD app or by booking online at blowltd.com
– Full T&C’s can be found here

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