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The best beauty treatments that offset screen time

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Given how much time we spend creasing up our faces in front of iPads, iPhones and laptops, it’s no wonder that our skin pays the price. That blue light damage is real. But there’s no need to stop your Instagram scrolling just yet – here are some beauty treatments to offset screen time…

Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial at Su Man

This firm deep, tissue massage to the neck, upper arms, hands and feet aims to rebalance the energy and moisture in the skin, and reinvigorates all the muscles in the face and surrounding areas, so it’s perfect to combat the effects of screen time. The long-lasting results are a totally rejuvenated mind and body, and skin that looks healthy, lifted and luminous.

Detox massage from Rawr

Using aromatherapy oils and focusing on the back, neck and shoulder, this massage will leave you totally blissed out. Shoulder tension from hunching over a screen will disappear, and that worrying stack of email notifications will vanish from your mind as pressure points are massaged and tension is released.

One Skin Clinic

If blue light has sapped your sleep patterns – and it probably has – head to Dr Najia. Try an IV Infusion cocktails to combat low energy levels, or a skin peel to combat frown lines from staring at screens.

The Mindful Facial by Dr David Jack and Malminder Gill

Image: Nicole de Khors

Apparently, we each check our phones over 10,000 times a year. FYI, that’s 28 times a day. The Mindful Facial, a new treatment by Dr David Jack and Malminder Gill combines an expert facial and hypnosis. It cleanses the skin and the mind simultaneously. To aid a digital detox, Malminder leads clients through a hypnosis that encourages unplugging from digital devices for a period of time, helping them to switch off from technology.

Tranquility Pro Sleep Ritual at Cloud Twelve

Drift off with this complete wellbeing experience for mind and body. It combines the sleep-inducing qualities of aromatherapy and music with massage techniques of Kerala Ayurveda and Indonesian Sea Malay. Prepare for a deep state of relaxation, with muscle tension and stress melting away.


Try Lorraine Downie’s ‘All About The Eyes’ treatment, which will take away all evidence of stress-induced sleepless nights and too much screen time. Or, go for LED Light Therapy – it increases collagen production and works to banish frown lines.


All hair treatments at this men’s grooming salon come with a mini head, neck and shoulder massage, perfect for shoulders that have been hunched over a laptop all day. Plus they all come with complimentary cocktails – an Old Fashioned, Manhattan or Japanese Whiskey on the rocks. And that always helps to offset that inbox-induced stress.

Blue light and frown lines be gone.

By Charlotte

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