The best fitness classes in London right now according to the experts

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The fitness world is a saturated one, with PT’s, fun workouts and group options all in abundance. That’s great, because it gives you choice, but if you want to filter down, we’ve asked two experts what they think are currently the best fitness classes in London right now…

Alice Rickard is a personal trainer. @alicerickardpt
Alice Rickard

1. Pilates at Heartcore

“This is an incredible class for strengthening all the little muscles we often neglect that are the glue that holds us altogether. The class that will every time challenge you and bring on a burn like no other.”

2. Yin Yoga at Triyoga

“There are so many high intensity classes out there that even yoga is often fast paced. Slow everything down and give your body the love and attention it needs with Yin Yoga, a slower class where postures are held for longer periods of time to really calm down your mind and increase your flexibility.”

3. HIIT & Box at Victus Soul

“The ultimate sweatfest. Boxing is one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can do, and now thanks to Victus Soul you can combine it with weights and yoga. The class is split between boxing intervals and strength and conditioning, finishing with a long recovery to prevent injuries. It leaves you feeling completely zen.”

Rowan Cheshire is a freestyle skier and a PT. @rowancheshire

1. Warrior Vinyasa at LEVELSIX

“This is a high-energy and vinyasa based class, based on strength building and creating internal heat. It’s based on gymnastics conditioning, something I practice as part of my training; fighting techniques and traditional poses, all centred around breath. The class enables you to get your sweat on and build strength but the meditative element also leaves you feeling recharged and energised.”

2. Sweat at The Foundry

The Foundry
Photo: Tom Miles Photography

“The name says it all – Sweat at the Foundry is programmed so that you get a big cardio hit, raise your heart rate and burn calories. I tend to favour strength training in my workouts outside of skiing but Sweat is the perfect conditioning session without the monotonous use of a treadmill. Classes are in a team environment with the use of challenging callisthenics, battle ropes, Air-Dynes and Ski Ergs.”

3. Pilates at FLY LDN

“Flexibility and a strong core is a key part of my training and the classes at FLY LDN are brilliant in helping to build those as improving overall strength, posture and alignment. I spend a lot of time doing resistance work with weights so having the chase to solely use body weight and props balances out my training a lot. I love going to the studio too; it is such a lovely, interactive space!”

4. Lifted at Ministry of Sound Does Fitness

“Brilliant programming from top class coaches, who will help you perfect your form, crack the technique and lift heavy. Combined with a customised playlist of hits, Lifted will certainly help you get your gains.”

5. Spin at Psycle

“If you want to get your sweat on, have fun, burn calories and build your cardio fitness, then spin at Psycle is perfect. Combined with an awesome soundtrack and brilliant instructors, when I do a class you forget where you are and as though you’re not working out at all.”

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