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Many of us buff and exfoliate our bodies to keep dry skin at bay so why forget about our lips? DOSE writer Demi rounds up the best lip exfoliators on the market and explains why lip exfoliating is so important…

Why you should use a lip exfoliator

Our lips come into contact with food, drinks, people, lip balms and sticks daily – that’s a lot to handle. Our lips don’t have any oil glands, which explains why my lip balm never leaves my side. But even with the constant application of balms, our lips can get increasingly dry.

Dr Patel explains that lips have a very thin layer of skin and are the most likely part of your face to dry out due to the dry winter air, wind and low humidity indoors. So it’s difficult to avoid dry lips but exfoliating them can help reduce the likelihood of your lips cracking and leading to discomfort.

How to exfoliate your lips:

Dr Patel explains that as the muscles in your lips go around the mouth in a circular fashion, lip exfoliation is usually done in a similar circular motion, following your pout and moving outward, a back and forth motion can also be done when exfoliating the upper and lower lips separately.

Like the rest of the body we don’t want to over exfoliate our skin. It’s recommended that we exfoliate our lips once a week and always use lip balm afterwards to keep them moisturised.

The best lip exfoliators for winter lips

Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator from

Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator
Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator

Topping our best lip exfoliators list is Sugar Lip Polish from Fresh. Say goodbye to dry lips with this lip exfoliator that removes flakes with real brown sugar crystals and natural humectants. It then blankets lips with nourishing shea butter and jojoba oil, leaving them silky smooth. This is the ultimate treatment for your lips. Massage a small amount onto clean lips and rinse with a damp washcloth. Can be used 2 to 3 times a week, depending on the weather.

Buy here, £19.50

Watermelon Sugar from Lush

I’d be lying if I said my Harry Styles obsession didn’t spark my love for this vegan lip exfoliator. But despite the name, this exfoliator really is all y0u need. The melon and rose scent will leave your lips feeling fresh and smooth, ready for the day ahead. Scoop a little onto your finger and gently buff onto your lips. Lick away the excess and enjoy fruity sweet, soft lips.

Buy here, £6.50

Conditioning Lip Scrub with Exfoliating Honey Crystals from Burt’s Bees

Conditioning Lip Scrub with Exfoliating Honey Crystals
Conditioning Lip Scrub with Exfoliating Honey Crystals

This lip exfoliator gently exfoliates and conditions dry lips with Honey Crystals to help your lips look and feel beautiful and primed for a smooth lip balm or lipstick application. The honey crystals get rid of the rough, dry skin while Beeswax conditions and hydrates the lips. Apply a generous amount of the lip exfoliator on to your lips, scrub in a circular motion and rinse it off for a natural healthy glow. Can be used 2-3 times a week.

Buy here, £6.99


Prosecco Bubbles Lip Exfoliator
Prosecco Bubbles Lip Exfoliator

Pura Cosmetics have plenty of fun and bubbly flavours to keep your lip exfoliating experience exciting and filled with flavour. Simply apply a small amount of the vegan scrub to lips and use fingertips to gently buff into the skin. Once evenly coated in product, remove the excess sugar and reveal a smooth, dry-skin-free pout.

Buy here, £4.99

By Demi

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