The best podcasts on sex and female desire

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Want to liven up your commute? Subscribe to these podcasts to explore sex, female desire and more – they promise to be enlightening. Read on for the best podcasts on sex and female desire…

Best podcasts on sex and female desire


The aim of Dipsea is to help us to “get in touch with our erotic selves.” Do so by browsing stories that resonate with you, no matter your gender, age and preferences. There’s an erotic story for everyone.


The Goop podcast is always worth a listen – whether it’s vagina steaming or something else, Gwyneth Paltrow knows what’s up. We particularly like its interview with sex expert Esther Perel. She talks about why desire dries up and what really turns us on.

Conversations with Pussy

This has episodes like ‘the one and only thing you need to know about orgasm’ and ‘5 sexy rituals to activate your connection to your pussy.’ It’s access-all-areas and doesn’t hold back.

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Esther Perel

Also, anything with Esther Perel in general is worth knowing about – her own podcast “takes you in to the antechamber of intimate moments.”

Women Watching Porn

Sort of what it says on the tin. Women Watching Porn discusses masturbation, how women can receive pleasure and yes, women watching porn. Nothing is taboo.

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Guys we F****D

This podcast is not just informative but funny, funny, funny. They host some amazing interviewees, too, so it’s worth starting from the beginning.

Good Girls Talk About Sex

Good Girls Talk About Sex is what to listen to if you want real, personal experiences. They may be far removed from your own, and they may open up whole new worlds of possibility.

What are you waiting for? Prudes can learn a thing or two, and the uninhibited are sure to enjoy these podcasts.

By Charlotte

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