The best zero-waste shops in London

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Zero waste is a tough concept to put into practice, but it’s more important than ever. Luckily, brands are taking note, are using recyclable, compostable cardboard, no plastic, and a refill system to keep your waste product down to a minimum. To remove even more of the hard work, there are several zero waste shops in London, only stocking products that are committed to reducing waste and helping the environment as much as possible. Here’s where to start shopping.


New kid on the block is Hackney’s Re:Store, for all your larder essentials. Think pulses, cleaning products, pasta, nuts, dried goods and more. Bring your own container and fill it up from the glass containers in the shop. Lots of the goodies are sourced locally, too, so you’ll be helping small local suppliers.

Naked Larder

There’s no plastic in sight at this Herne Hill store, where you can place orders for dry goods and pick them up with your own container. It enables the shop to buy in bulk, so it saves on individually packing items and costs, too.


South Londoners rejoice in hetu, which has a vegan focus, making a vegan lifestyle easy and sustainable. Goods are stocked in either glass or wood containers, and you can even grind your own nut butter right on site.

Bulk Market

Keep an eye out for this one: it started as a pop up and is in the process of relocating permanently. Everything in store is supplied from within 50 miles.

Harmless Store

Wood Green’s Harmless Store offers everything from household stapes to small luxuries like handmade chocolates. You can email with with what you’re after, to receive info on what exactly is in stock, and you then pop along with containers. It’s a nice way to discover socially conscious brands, too.

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