The Eleventh House in Astrology: House of Friendships

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11th house - house of friendships

Ah, the 11th House, the friends’ hangout spot! But even in this celestial party, there’s a pinch of pain. Think of it as the drama club where friendships face plot twists. The pain point of the 11th House? Well, it’s like being on the rollercoaster of group dynamics. Your friendships might go through a shake-up, alliances could get as wobbly as a planet on a caffeine high, and the camaraderie might hit a few bumps along the road of life.

The 11th House in astrology is your social hub. It’s where your friendships, group activities, and ambitions for the future are spotlighted. This House shapes how you interact with others, form alliances, and pursue common goals. It’s all about being part of a community and contributing to the greater good of society.

Are you feeling lonely? Sad or depressed because of a broken friendship? Did you get backstabbed by your own BFF? House of Friendships is to be blamed. Are you dealing with problems in your friend circle? Knock knock your 11th House to know what’s up! The 11th House in astrology talks about your friend groups, communities and humanity at large.

The Astrological Houses Explained

Astrological houses represent twelve sectors in a birth chart, each corresponding to specific life domains. They symbolize different facets of an individual’s experience, shaping personality, relationships, and life events. The placement of planets within these houses helps in gaining insights into an individual’s characteristics, challenges, and potential. Astrological houses are like quirky rooms in your birth chart mansion.

The First is your selfie corner, the second is the money vault, and the third is the sibling chat room. Cosy family dens in the Fourth, Fifth’s the creative love party—and Sixth’s your workout corner for jobs and health kicks. Seventh is the dating room, Eighth is the mystery closet of transformations, and Ninth is your travel lounge. Career high-fives happen in the Tenth, friendships blossom in the Eleventh, and the Twelfth is your secret garden of unconsciousness. It’s a zodiac cribs tour, where each room has its celestial flair! 

How to Find Your 11th House?

Your birth chart represents the sky at the moment of your birth, like a heavenly photograph. It is divided into twelve sections or houses, each focusing on a different aspect of your life. The 11th House represents your social circles, ambitions, and friendships.

You need to look up the “Houses” portion of your birth chart in order to find your 11th House. Every House begins at a particular place, known as a cusp; in the case of the 11th House, this is the boundary between the 10th and 11th houses. The zodiac sign on this boundary informs you about the vibes of your friendships and your aspirations.

Think of it as your celestial hangout area. But there’s still more! Check if any planets have chosen to set up a camp in your 11th House. These planets add a little spice to your social life and shed light on your dreams and friendships. In summary, your astrological 11th House serves as a personal guide for your social energies and the people you surround yourself with in life.

Birth Chart Calculator: Your 11th House

Curious about how your birth chart looks like? Find out about your houses with this widely-used birth chart calculator, Enter your birth facts to access this online tool that provides insights into your aspirations, friendships, and group dynamics. You can use this user-friendly interface to understand the planetary forces forming your social relationships. Use the insight of your Eleventh House to further your own growth and happiness.

Themes of the 11th House

In astrology, the Eleventh House covers a number of topics related to relationships, friendships, and goals. The following are the key themes associated with the Eleventh House:

Friendships and Social Networks

The 11th House is like your social headquarters—it’s where your friendships hang out! It shows what kinds of friends you have, how close you are, and if you’re a team player. Think of it as your celestial address book, revealing who’s in your squad and how you vibe in group settings.

Aspirations and Dreams

Big goals and dreams are guided by the 11th House, mainly if they involve working in a team and having a positive effect on society. It’s similar to a cosmic spotlight on your future self and the role your friends and allies will play in making your aspirations come true.

Helping People and Making a Difference

The 11th House cares about everyone! It’s where your desire to provide a hand to others and advocate for social problems comes through. Consider it your divine calling to change the world for the better and leave a great legacy. It serves as your private superhero base of operations for advancing human welfare.

Which sign and planets are associated with the 11th House?

Picture the 11th House in astrology as your cosmic friendship hub. Consider the astrological 11th House as the centre of your cosmic friendships. Uranus and Aquarius are like the boho heavenly couple hosting the party. As Aquarius, the cosmic DJ, sets the beat, Uranus, the wild card, brings abrupt adjustments and futuristic vibes. 

You might think of Uranus in the Eleventh House as having an additional dash of creativity and unpredictableness in your social life. Among your friends, you set the standard by valuing special connections and striving for ambitious objectives.

The Eleventh House is like where Aquarius and Uranus play, turning your friendships into an exciting dance of shared dreams and innovation. Also, while not having a modality of its own, the Eleventh House traditionally linked with Aquarius, is a Fixed sign.

Transits in the 11th House

When planets like Venus, Mars, or Mercury pass through your Eleventh house, it’s as if they are making a celestial visit to your friend zone. Venus provides pleasant vibrations to friendships and possibly a hint of romance, while Mars fires up the enthusiasm for social activities. Mercury may encourage small talk and networking. 

Jupiter’s presence is similar to a social expansion pack in that it opens doors and promotes friendship growth. On the other hand, Saturn is your celestial mentor, educating you about dedication and long-term objectives within your social circle. At different stages throughout your life, these planetary transits bring distinct flavors to your aspirational and social journey. 

When the Moon visits your Eleventh house, it’s like emotions taking center stage in your friend zone. Your emotions influence your social interactions, creating a warm environment with your friends. Your friendships and group activities are highlighted when the Sun swings through. As the social star, you shine brightly and lend your special energy to the accomplishment of common goals.

Challenges and Lessons of the 11th House House

Planets in the Eleventh House bring a mix of challenges and life-changing lessons. One challenge is the potential for fluctuating friendships and social circles. You may come across shifts in partnerships, teaching you the importance of adapting to evolving connections. Going through these changes can be a lesson in understanding the changing nature of relationships and embracing the personal growth that comes with it.

On a good note, the Eleventh House teaches the lesson of collaboration and the power of collective efforts. While difficulties arise, the main idea is the significance of shared goals and teamwork in realizing your aspirations. Learning to balance personal desires with the needs of the group can go a long way. The Eleventh House encourages you to contribute to something larger than yourself. It inspires a sense of community and emphasizes the importance of friendships and connections.

If your Eleventh House is empty in astrology, think of it like having a low-key social vibe and fewer big shared dreams in the limelight. It means your focus is on different stuff. You might feel the need to be more intentional about friendships and goals, steering them consciously since they won’t naturally grab the spotlight. It’s like being the captain of your social ship, actively choosing meaningful connections and setting sail towards shared goals for personal growth and bliss.

The 11th House in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the Eleventh House is known as “Labha Bhava”, or House of gains. Eleventh House in Vedic astrology mainly focuses on material and non-material gains, including friendships, aspirations, and achievements. It is associated with one’s social network, community work, and the fulfillment of desires. 

The Eleventh House in Vedic astrology is considered auspicious, as it symbolizes hopes, dreams, and the realization of goals through collective efforts. Planets positioned in this House are believed to influence one’s ability to build meaningful connections, achieve success in group projects, and attain financial gains. Overall, the Eleventh House in Vedic astrology plays a crucial role in shaping an individual’s social and material prosperity.


Lastly, the astrological Eleventh House presents itself as a celestial writer who spins tales of friendships, dreams, and the joint pursuit of goals. This heavenly compass helps you handle the complex interactions between personal development and the larger world around you. As you begin your astrological journey, think about reading through additional information about the astrological houses


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11th House Astrology FAQs

What is the 11th House in Astrology?

The Eleventh House in astrology talks about friendships, group dynamics, and collective aspirations.

What does it mean if you have planets in your 11th House in your birth chart?

Planets in the 11th House indicate influences on social connections and shared goals in your birth chart.

How can I use the 11th House for personal growth?

Utilize the 11th House for personal growth by fostering meaningful friendships and aligning with collective aspirations for a fulfilling journey.

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