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A 15 minute walk from Vauxhall Station via some pleasure gardens… lies The Foundry. Home to one of the toughest workouts in London, led by a team of burly ex-pro Rugby players.

Try the signature City Strongman with former London Wasps prop, Ali McKenzie. This class has all the toys you’d expect on the World’s Strongest Man circuit, but instead of record breaking feats of strength, find an effective full body workout. Because sometimes you just have to unleash the beast…

From log lifting, sled dragging, prowler pushing and atlas stone carrying, to hanging tough, flipping tyres and battling ropes. Repeat drills in a team based relay medley to induce a serious lactic burn that’ll leave you feeling like a hero and ready to take on anything.

If you think this is just for barrel chested, chalk dusted men who shout a lot, think again. It beats pounding on a treadmill any day…

Other classes include Lift, a strength class with barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells. Sweat a mixture of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance training and Stretch, which focusses on mobility, stretching, trigger point therapy and recovery. Or learn the Foundry Foundations and get an MOT, nutritional plan and training manual.

Replenish energy levels with scrambled eggs with salmon, eggs benedict or a mushroom omelette at Tea House Theatre, on your way back to Vauxhall station.

Address: The Foundry, The Black Prince Community Hub, Beaufoy Walk, Black Prince Road, London, SE11 6HU

Tube: Vauxhall (Victoria)

Price: £18 per class

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