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If you want to really get to know your body, and find supplement to get you functioning optimally, in a totally bespoke way, read on. Charlotte reviews Bioniq – bespoke blood-tested supplements…

The background

Did you know that some vitamins can cancel out others? Or that the body can only store a certain amount of some nutrients, and if you supplement above those levels you’re just wasting your money? Basically, the supplements world is a minefield, and taking a one-size-fits-all approach (“my friend takes iron, so maybe I should too”) is a bad idea.

Removing all the guesswork from the supplements game is a new company called Bioniq.

How it works

They will take a blood test at your home and results can be accessed online less than two weeks later, highlighting any issues. Your personalised supplements are then sent to you (in a cute named bottle, BTW) in granule form. They should be mixed into smoothies or sprinkled on salads, and taken morning and night. After an initial month on the service, you have another blood test, to see if your levels have improved and make any necessary adjustments.

The science

It’s all done based on AI. Bioniq has used more than 2 million data points taken from more than 30,000 blood tests, and then analysed the biochemistry to create an algorithm. This together with our individual data, is what informs the results. The algorithm helps determine what supplements you should take, as well as any genetics and microbiomes to be aware of. The blood test analyses more than 300 blood parameters including cholesterol, micro elements like ferritin and copper, hormone levels and insulin.

The results

Mine showed I was fine on iron, which is a relief as I’ve been deficient in the past. But my uric acid levels were low and my fasting cholesterol was high. My nutritionist Stephanie explained all the ramifications of these. I knew exactly what I was trying to ‘fix’ and how to go about it, with food, lifestyle and of course, the supplements.

The formula

The formulas are all comprised of up to 120 components and include probiotics, enzymes, minerals. They release their active ingredients over a sustained period of time, enduring maximum absorption. They’re vegan and preservative-free, too.

If you’re ready to arm yourself with info, sign up.

£250 for monthly subscription

By Charlotte

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