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Egyptians fashioned them from dried grapevines, Australians from bamboo. Japan banned the use of them in public and the Russians denounced them as an example of the “emptiness of American culture”. We speak of hula hoops. A term coined by British sailors inspired by their sightings of Hawaiian hula dancers. It wasn’t until the 50’s that the plastic variety came to be… now a mainstay of every fitness studio.

Sure it’s a fun way to get tummy muscles engaged but what does it take to become a true hoop artist? We catch up with the one and only Marawa the Amazing, the Melbourne born, globe-trotting, world record holding, hula hoop master known for spinning hundreds of hoops at one time all while balancing on a pair of high heeled roller skates.

What inspired you to get into Hula Hooping?

A childhood memory of not being able to do it!

What do you usually eat / drink pre and post performing?

Not much before as it’s easy to get a stitch but afterwards – everything! I love spaghetti and always drink loads of water.

How do you stay healthy on the go?

I try to drink loads of water and I never eat airport food. I always try to keep a bunch of healthy snacks on me and I eat lots of banana’s.

Besides hooping, how else do you keep fit?

I really don’t do much apart from hoop tone! I like to hike and jump rope but thats only about 5% of my time.

What’s the biggest audience you’ve ever performed to? 

300 million live viewers on Arabs Got Talent – terrifying!

Where has the world of hooping taken you?

Everywhere except South America – I hope I get there soon.

What’s your dream gig? 

Halloween at The White House – I have heard so many great stories about that party!

Tell us more about ‘Marawa’s Majorettes’… 

They are my London based troupe of hoopers! The girls started off four years ago when I put the troupe together to perform at the London Olympics, since then they have continued to grow and now teach and perform all over London and Europe!

What’s your go-to drink? 

Kaffa Coffee – after dark.

Favourite restaurant? 

Gujaratirasoi – just the best, I love this place so much.

Partner in crime?

Obie, chief majorette – without her I die.

Best cure for a hangover?

The ocean.

Life motto? 

What goes around, comes around.

Best words of advice from a friend?

“You don’t need any more friends, you have great friends already” regarding staying friends with an ex – she was so on point about that.

Describe your perfect mix of ‘move’, ‘fuel’ and ‘thrill’

Hooptone class, brunch at Campania, cocktail at Miranda when work it are throwing a party!

What can we expect from Marawa the Amazing in the future?

Amazing winter outfits. New workout gear coming to Hoopmarket very soon!

How can we join in the hooping action?

Sign up at for all things hoop related or check out for everything else!

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