The Second House in Astrology: House of Value

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Second House - House of Value

In astrology, the Second House is essential to a person’s life. As each House represents specific areas of life, the Second House is associated with matters related to finance, material possessions, self-worth and personal values.

What is the Second House in Astrology?

Wondering what does the Second House in astrology mean? The Second House is about new beginnings. It’s all about growing up, family relations and marital possessions. It can provide insights into a person’s behavior towards money. The Second House is also associated with self-worth and personal values; it’s like a treasure chest where you store your prized possessions. 

By exploring this area, you will understand how to manage your resources better and have a healthy relationship with your family. The Second House is also related to budgeting, saving, and making good decisions in life. There’s a good chance that you will get distracted and spend money on luxurious things, but you will stay within the limit. If the First House is an opening act, the Second House is its encore.

Second House Overview

Sign RulerTaurus
Nature of ruling planetVenus
Area of lifeMaterial possessions, finances, values, self-worth, personal resources
KeywordsMoney, possessions, values, self-esteem, resources, earning potential
Body partsNeck, Throat, Vocal cords
DescriptionIt represents an individual’s attitudes towards material possessions, money, and personal values. This house delves into how one earns, spends, and values wealth.
ModalitySucculent (Fixed)
Positive traitsPractical, reliable, patient, resourceful, determined, loyal
Negative traitsStubborn, possessive, materialistic, resistant to change
Impact on healthThe second house’s connection to the throat suggests that health concerns related to this area, such as thyroid issues or vocal cord problems, may be influenced by the individual’s attitudes towards self-worth and expression.
Impact on career/workThe second house influences how one approaches their career in terms of financial goals and the value they place on their work.
Impact on relationshipIn relationships, the second house can influence how individuals express love and affection through material gestures
Second House Overview

Ruling Planet and Sign in the Second House

The planet Venus and the sign Taurus rule the Second House. Venus is known to be a planet of love, harmony and beauty. It can increase your earnings, and you will be more comfortable in life. Taurus, being the practical sign, will focus more on work stability and security in the long run. Overall, the sign and planet will bring peace to your life and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Zodiac Signs in Second House Astrology



They make impulsive decisions, but luck is with them, so they succeed eventually. Overconfidence can lead to excessive spending and a lack of financial discipline. They have to be practical instead of impulsive to ensure a better future.



They ensure stability and security. They treat their bank account like a garden and water it with a steady income, blooming into success. They can cause issues in personal relations because of their possessiveness. In order to avoid this, they should focus more on the positive aspects of life rather than the negative ones.



They are multitaskers; ‘two incomes are better than one!’ says Gemini, struggling to have two jobs at a time. They have strong communication skills, so they don’t struggle to make new relationships. They need help making long-term financial plans; in order to avoid this, they should try to be consistent and work on their goals.



Cancer in the Second House helps them make financial decisions that align with their goals and lead them to success and security. They will put emotional security and comfort before wealth, which could lead to economic downfall. They need to learn to balance their emotions, needs and financial needs for a promising future.



They have the natural talent to make money and be creative at the same time. They are very confident, and because of this, they get a lot of opportunities to grow in their career. They could also make unhealthy decisions to look luxurious in society, which could lead to financial instability if not stopped. 



They are very organized in terms of money; they plan their stuff. They are scared to take up challenges, which limits their chances of financial growth. They should learn to balance their stiff nature and be confident while trying something new.



They are honest and fair. They like to spend money on expensive things, but they need to figure out where to draw the line. They overthink what other people are doing instead of focusing on themselves, which causes them to face financial trouble. They should learn to differentiate between their wants and needs.



They have a practical approach towards money and don’t spend unnecessarily. They are adventurous and are down for impulsive trip plans. Sometimes, it can create problems for them as they don’t get too serious in life. They also end up making rash decisions, which can put a strain on their relations. They should be more generous towards life and try to make good decisions.


Sagittarius zodiac sign

They’re adventurous and like to explore for potential gains. They are not scared to be themselves and are very courageous. They can indulge themselves in activities like gambling, where they could end up losing money, so long-term financial planning is needed to avoid any economic instability.



They have a very disciplined and practical approach to finances. Their financial goals are like mountains- solid and ambitious. They wanna be on the peak of the mountain and yell, ‘I MADE IT’. They are workaholics and put their relations and needs at last. They need to understand that taking a break once in a while is all right. 



Everyday life seems to be very dull for them, so they find innovative, more creative ways to survive. They are carefree and want to live by their rules, putting their artistic side before wealth. This can cause them to go broke and be financially unstable. They should understand that wealth is essential in order to live life, so they should think about future security.



They are more inclined to earn money by creative methods. They are very kind, and saying ‘NO’ is hard for them. To cope with their life, they end up buying stuff impulsively, which results in financial instability for them. In order to focus more on the positive side, the balance between their empathy and financial management should be there.

Importance of Planets: Second House Astrology

Planets play an essential role in shaping an individual’s values, finances, and sense of self-worth. Each planet has its unique influence, impacting various aspects of life.

Sun in the Second House

It’s all about earning money, having good relations with family and having moral values. It’s like a superhero of the galaxy who is confident. Natives may be greedy sometimes, but overall, they are independent.

Moon in the Second House

It’s connected emotionally to material possessions; your wallet might roll your eyes, but your heart will be filled with joy. It could also influence you to indulge in unlawful activities to earn money faster. There will be a lot of fluctuation in mood swings as well. 

Jupiter in the Second House

It brings wealth, happiness and respect. It will come quickly to you because of the placement of this planet. You can also face struggle and become self-centered if Jupiter is bothered in the Second House.

Venus in the Second House

Venus makes it look like a fashion runway; values are the masterpieces of aesthetics and financial decisions, like selecting the perfect outfit for the party. Perfectionist is the word which can describe it the best. 

Mars in the Second House

The placement of this planet will make the Individual confident, ambitious and independent. You will only focus on earning money by fair means rather than being distracted. Displacement of the planet can cause you to be rude and aggressive.

Mercury in the Second House

It will make you an organized person, where you can use your intelligence to earn well. You will also be a kind-hearted person with a gentle nature. You can make bad decisions if there’s a change in the placement of the planet.

Transits in the Second House of Astrology

As you move to the Second House, you go deeper into personal resources and values. This House is more concerned about finances, possessions and material security. It shows your capability of handling money and resources. Each planet has a different take on how you work as an individual. What is meant for you will get to you eventually.

When expansive Jupiter transits into the second house in astrology, financial opportunities increase. However, excessive optimism could lead to overspending. Pluto restructures and transforms your finances and values. Saturn brings a disciplined approach, urging individuals to re-evaluate long-term goals and investments. Making hasty decisions can lead to losses.

Mercury’s makes you be wary and take practical financial communication seriously and do strategic planning. Venus enhances the desire for comfort and luxury, influencing spending habits. Mars can bring sudden urge or motivation to improve financial situations.

The birth chart and particular aspects govern how these effects are altered, leading to a more in-depth interpretation of how each planet influences themes connected to values, finances, and self-worth when it is transiting through the Second house.


The Second House is the accountant of your birth chart, keeping track of your investments. The House of Values is there, quietly observing and reminding you that balance is the key- after all, even the stars appreciate a good bargain. If you liked reading the article, please drop the comments down below.


Venus in 2nd House,, by Joanne

Second House Astrology FAQ’s

What does the Second House represent in astrology?

The Second House in astrology is associated with material possessions, personal resources, finances, values, self-worth, and one’s attitude towards money and possessions.

What is the significance of planets placed in the Second House?

Planets in the Second House influence an individual’s financial situation, earning capacity, and personal values. For example, Venus in the Second House may enhance one’s appreciation for aesthetics and luxury, while Saturn could bring a sense of responsibility and discipline to financial matters.

How does the Second House influence personal values and self-worth?

The Second House plays a crucial role in shaping personal values and self-worth. Planets in this house can influence one’s sense of self-value and how they prioritize material possessions. A well-aspected Second House may indicate a strong sense of self-worth, while challenging aspects could lead to issues with self-esteem.

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