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Sound Sebastien was born through Jasmine Hemsley and Toni Dicks’s mutual love for the ancient practice of sound and its ability to calm and curate good vibrations for the ultimate in relaxation.

Reimagining this practice for a contemporary audience and lifestyle, they describe Sound Sebastien as “A unique moment of time to rest your head and feel enveloped in a wave of powerful and therapeutic tones in a pristine peaceful environment.”

We caught up with Toni to understand more about their philosophy…

Do you agree that our health and mood depend on the frequencies we are exposed to, or take into the body, by ways of food?

Absolutely! Part of my wider work is to look at the ph of the blood, in relation to optimum health. Quite simply ph means voltage, charge or frequency and anything we take into the body has a ph, for instance; food, liquid, medicines, the air we breath, cosmetics etc.

If you look at food in terms of acid and alkaline you will see that all food we eat has a ph, hence a frequency. For optimum health the body needs the blood to have a ph of 7.365, so it is critical that we consider how we eat and our mindset to food.

What would you say to skeptics who think sound bathing is new-age hippy nonsense?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I would suggest to at least try it, as the one thing I can be sure of is that you’ll find is totally relaxing and luxurious if nothing else.

Photo: Sound Sebastien

Every cell of our body vibrates and everything has its optimal frequency. How do you find yours?

This is the golden question in life, to find out what your optimal frequency is and how to maintain it. The honest answer is that we are all different and certain things will work for some that do not work for others. The most blanket approach is to focus on your breathing. The blood shows that after just 20 minutes of breathwork, it will move into a place of homeostasis (balance), which is when the vibrating cells are able to perform at their most effective cellular health.

For me, the next step is to combine Sound, as not only is it absorbed by the body but also helps switch brainwaves and removes stress. Perhaps it is fair to say that in other cases it is more of an art in balancing the body, where as the breath and sound does not need any intellectual understanding and happens perfectly on its own.

Is it true that laughter raises our frequencies? If we’re happier will we be less prone to disease?

Yes absolutely and there is a wonderful piece of work by Masaru Emoto, who dedicated his life to showing how emotions affect water. He used a dark field microscope, the same microscope I use to look at blood and showed the change in the molecular structure of water when a variety of emotions were expressed on the water. For instance water that had classical music played to it was completely different to that of heavy metal music.

The classical music made the droplet of water into a stunning geometric pattern like a snowflake and the heavy metal piece removed all sacred patterning and became a broken sludge like structure. There are hundreds of examples of this and one of my favorites was seeing the blood of a mother change after hearing her baby belly laugh. This work of Emoto shows that emotions of others and ourselves must affect us, as the human body is 75% water and the plasma of the blood is 90% water.

How can we promote more happy frequencies in the body?

The simple answer is to not get stressed, enjoy the things we love and discover what makes you feel good. Most people will say that this can’t surely be enough but how many people continue to do things that they know are not good for them, under the pretence that they are enjoying it. How many people continue to place themselves in situations of stress and have no idea of the ramifications of this. How many people believe that we all have to do the things we don’t want to in life but this is just a belief pattern we have heard from our elders and/or society and decided has validity.

For those who would like to unwind from any current feelings of stress or fortify themselves to outside stresses by taking the time to reset and become less reactional and help make better decisions, sound therapy is beneficial for both. For others a good game of squash or standing on the top of a mountain could hit the spot.

Do you use tuning forks as well as bowls?

We use the OM fork, as well as our crystal alchemy singing bowls (plus a few other percussion style instruments), which is a frequency of 136.1Hz; a frequency that resonates with the Earth and has been associated with light, warmth and joy.

Those who use this frequency often experience a calming sensation sometimes described as centering, meditative or just relaxing. This is the perfect tuning fork to use during the session as it does not take away from the power of the bowls and just holds a space for the magic of the crystal bowls to emerge.

Photo: Sound Sebastien

When and where can we try sound bathing and what can we expect from the session?

You can try sound baths at a number of wonderful places in London, with great artists. Our next event is at the Devonshire Club on the 23rd October and we appear every Monday until the end of November.

The Sound Sebastien session involves you simply lying back in the luxurious set up allowing yourself to bask in the beautiful tones, to totally de-stress and drift away. We have also created a Yinoso class which includes deeply relaxing postures laying down.

Are there plans to launch a permanent space?

Right now we’re really excited about our residency at the Devonshire and will be announcing more sound baths over the coming months. It’s early days and we are still very much still discovering the delights of beautiful places to enjoy with fellow sound bathers and enjoying the fluidity of a less permanent space.

Launching their residency at the Devonshire Club on Monday 23rd October, Sound Sebastien brings the healing power of Sound Baths to the heart of the City.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite. Follow Jasmine Hemsley and Toni Dicks on Instagram.

Hettie is the editor and co-founder of DOSE. A keen runner, she’s also partial to a blast of high-intensity and hot yoga. A country girl at heart, she divides her time between London and the lush rolling hills of North Devon. When she’s not jetting off on her next adventure, Hettie can be found in a candle-lit alcove with a laptop, a spaniel and a full bodied Malbec.

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