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William Borrell, founder of Vestal Vodka. Ld

Meet William Borrell. Founder of Vestal Vodka – organic blended potato vodka made from young, ripe ‘virgin’ potatoes. A favourite of vodka connoisseurs for its creamy, rich taste…

He also runs Vestal Voyages – a floating bar and distillery and is the owner of delectable drinking den Ladies & Gentlemen.

We chat to him about a typical day getting spoilt by chefs and sommeliers, his go-to tipple and some “healthier” carb and gluten-free recipes, packed with antioxidants that hold the secret to eternal youth. If you believe in fairytales that is…

Your alarm clock goes off at what time?
7.00 AM

First thing you do in the morning?
Turn on and listen to Radio 4

Tea or coffee?
Coffee trying to limit to one a day but man in this tough

Breakfast at home, at work or on the go & what is it?
At home. Typically, I have a bagel and some very expensive peanut butter made with nothing but goodness

What does a typical day look like for you?
Laptop work till 1pm then account visits and any manual jobs that need doing

How many e-mails do you get a day?
400 – 450.

You create vodka and gin brands and manage bars, how do you manage these many hats?
It’s tough and really only possible with the awesome team I have behind me

Is exercise a part of your daily routine? If yes, what?
3pm daily swim – though during Winter this can be tough

What does lunchtime look like?
I’m lucky as my job involves visiting many great restaurants. I am often spoilt by chefs and sommeliers alike

What time do you get home on average each day?
I make sure I’m back to collect the kids from their child minders at 6pm

Do you work when you get home or is life a digital free at that time?
I’d like to say I don’t work but I’m guilty of dual screens whilst watching box sets with my partner

Is dinner at home or dining out?
Date night once a week with most dinners at home

Do you drink alcohol everyday?
I try not to as a break is very important indeed

Favourite tipple of choice?
Vestal Vodka Filthy Martini made with a blue cheese stuffed olive

Lights out at what time?
I can crash very early when it’s busy but my normal time is 11pm

What was your plan B?
No plan B, which is why I jump with two feet into everything I do. The future looks bright

Can you give us a few great healthy cocktail recipies using your world famous vodka?
Yes I can…

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Never never Land
30ml lime leaf infused Vestal blended potato vodka
15ml mure
15ml fig
20ml lime
3 blackberries, mint to garnish

Dr.Vestal will see you now
40ml Vestal blended potato vodka
15ml orgeat
25ml sage-pineapple shrubb
2 dashes angostura bitters

Flight of the bumble bee
50ml Bees wax infused Vestal blended potato vodka
15ml lavender vermouth
1 dash salone solution

Fresh prince
50ml Vestal blended potato vodka
80ml cucumber-mint soda
20ml Fino Sherry
20ml maple water sorbet

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