The wellness benefits of CBD oil

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When you rely on your lungs to get through HIIT classes, lighting up a spliff might not be your first choice for workout recovery. But what if you could tap into the plant’s wellness benefits, without the side effects? Now you can thanks to Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD. The main active compound in hemp without the psychoactive qualities. We caught up with the founders of Love Hemp, the UK’s first lifestyle CBD brand, to quiz them on the therapeutic benefits…

What are the wellness benefits of CBD oil? 

Research suggests that Cannabidiol oil, which is not addictive, has an anti-inflammatory effect and encourages the release and uptake of dopamine and serotonin. A recent World Health Organisation report showed that cannabis oil has therapeutic benefits for a range of illnesses. The WHO report reveals that CBD oils – completely natural supplements sourced from low-level THC hemp – have benefits for Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, pain, anxiety, depression, cancer and diabetic complications. The full WHO report can be seen here.

How should CBD be ingested?

It can be taken in a wide variety of forms. CBD Oils UK sells it as everything from a CBD infused spring water (Love Hemp Water) to oils, gummy bears and chocolate. Each 500ml bottle of Love Hemp water contains 2mg of natural hemp extract and is naturally hydrating.

Cannabis is only legal in a small number of states in the U.S. But is CBD legal?

The legal CBD you can buy from CBD Oils UK is derived from hemp with much lower levels of THC (the psychoactive element of cannabis that causes a high) – less than 0.2 per cent compared with 50-80% in marijuana.

Where can we try CBD in the UK?

Love Hemp is the UK’s first lifestyle CBD brand which sells its range of cannabis oil extract products to customers across Europe. Love Hemp’s products include body salves, cold pressed oils, capsules, chocolate, water and CBD crystals. Love Hemp Body Salve and Love Hemp Water – the first functional water in Europe to contain natural CBD hemp extract.

What is the future for CBD?

CBD is fast gaining awareness in the UK. In fact, the British therapeutic cannabis industry is now the largest in Europe and new research shows that cannabis oil use in the UK has doubled in a year. Regulatory data also shows that 250,000 people rely on cannabis oil to help them with back pain, anxiety and epilepsy. Cannabis Trades Association UK said there are a thousand new users every month.

Love Hemp will launch its complete range of CBD infused products at BODYPOWER EXPO taking place at the NEC in Birmingham Friday 11th – Sunday 13th May.

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