There’s a new type of spinning class in town

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Spinning classes are great. The buzz of being in a room, the commitment of booking in and paying forcing you to turn up, the sociable nature of doing a workout with a friend. But there’s a new spinning model in town. It’s turning the cycling workout as we know it on its head, and it’s worth taking seriously…

Peloton has been in the US for a while, and has just made its way to our shores. The premise is this: you buy a spinning bike, and set it up in your home – living room, garage, whatever.

The bike has a screen on its front, on which you can watch and participate in thousands of spinning workouts, for free, at any time of day, led by expert instructors. Some classes are live, so you can sign up and start your workout along with others who also choose that slot. The instructor knows you’re there, so can give you a motivational shout-out.

Other classes are pre-recorded – you can choose by workout length, by music genre, by instructor, and more. Plug in your headphones, and go. It’s the ultimate convenience, and having the experts practically in your living room means there’s no excuse to miss a workout.

Photo: Peloton

I went along to Peloton House, Peloton’s three-week pop-up in Covent Garden, to give it a go.

I picked a 20-minute workout, which is another great element – it’s perfect for those slightly lazy days or when you have a short slot to exercise in, and wouldn’t be able to do a full class.

I felt as motivated as if I were in a physical studio, and choosing my exercise class by music genre (pop all the way) ensured my favourite hits kept me going. The screen also shows calorie count, which ensured I worked to my utmost, and it also shows you your rank against others, which, for those more competitive than me, would work wonders.

The bike itself may be an investment at £1,990, but the monthly subscription of just £39 gives you access to four daily live classes, more than 10,000 on demand classes and the ability to work out 24 hours a day. When I think about the hundreds if not thousands of pounds I’ve spent on twice weekly spin classes, it starts to look like a bargain…

Sign up to book your free ride at the pop-up.

By Charlotte

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