This Millionaire Shortbread recipe is a reason to go vegan

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Some people say that vegans miss out on their favourite foods, like, say, chocolate and dairy. We beg to differ. This Millionaire Shortbread recipe is gooey, more-ish, and uses dates for that caramel consistency. We’re thanking Fresh Fitness Food for it, and keeping a batch on hand from here on out. Vegan or not, give these a go…


50g tapioca starch

100g gluten free flour

20g coconut oil

5g maple syrup

10ml water

20g pitted dates

40ml boiling water

20g peanut butter

20g melted dark chocolate


1. Place the dry ingredients (tapioca starch and gluten free flour) into a bowl.

2. Add coconut oil and rub into the flour with your hands until the mixture becomes the texture of breadcrumbs.

3. Add maple syrup.

4. Add the cold water a little at a time, stirring after each addition, until the mixture binds together.

5. Remove the mixture from the bowl and transfer to a flat surface.

6. Roll out the mixture to 1/2cm thick and then place on a baking tray.

7. Place this in the oven for 5 minutes at 170c.

8. After five minutes, remove the shortbread from the oven and leave to cool slightly.

9. Meanwhile, place the dates into the boiling water and leave to hydrate (make sure the dates are pitted!)

10. Place the dates and half of the water into a blender and blend until smooth.

11. Once the dates are blended, bring an inch of water to boil on the stove.

12. Place a heat proof bowl over the top of the saucepan, and add dark chocolate to the bowl. Stir gently as the chocolate heats and starts to melt. When the chocolate has completely melted, remove from the heat.

13. Take the shortbread off the tray and cover with a layer of peanut butter.

14. Place the date mix on top.

15. Cover with melted chocolate.

Leave to cool and enjoy!

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