Top Tips for Spiralizing Vegetables like a pro

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Spiralizing Vegetables

The humble spiralizer has earned its place as a must-have culinary accessory of wellness warriors, everywhere. Spiralizing vegetables will not only make your veg look more appealing but it’ll help you to get more creative in the kitchen, as DOSE writer Demi discovers…

With all this extra time spent in the kitchen, I was eager to try something new and exciting to spice up my cooking experiences. So when my housemates brought a spiralizer home, I couldn’t resist experimenting, trying to incorporate some sort of spiralized vegetable into every meal I ate. Extreme I know… but it paid off and made my meals more exciting and appealing, not to mention healthy.

So after much experimentation, here are my tips and tricks for spiralizing your way to new and exciting meals.

Spiralizing Vegetables

What is spiralizing?

Spiralizing is the quick and easy process of using a spiralizer to turn vegetables and fruit into thin slices or noodles. But whats the hype about?

Spiralizing vegetables has become a serious trend. It’s a great way to eat more vegetables without realising it, especially if you want to decrease your carb intake by replacing your usual pasta with spiralized veg. But make sure you dry out or drain your chosen fruit or veg to avoid a watery dish!

It’s an easy option for vegans and those who are gluten intolerant who struggle finding suitable pasta, noodles and rice in the supermarket.

Spiralizing can help parents who struggle to get their kids to eat more vegetables and is a fun cooking activity for the whole family.

Check out this video to help you learn how to spiralize your favourite vegetables. A great place to start for beginners.

Best fruit and vegetables to spiralize:

Courgette – Try it in this Vegan Zoodles recipe with almond, cashew and cilantro presto.

Beets – try it in this Raw Beet Salad recipe with balsamic vinegar and pumpkin seeds.

Sweet Potato – try it in this Crispy Sweet Potato ‘Fried’ recipe with rosemary and sea salt.

Apple – Try spitralized Baked Apple Chips .

Carrot and Cucumber – Try them in this fresh Asian cucumber and carrot salad.

Yellow Squash – try it in this Garlic Butter Shrimp with yellow Squash Noodles Recipe.

Parsnips – Try it with Sausages and Broccolini in this delicious recipe.

The Best Spiralizers to buy:

The WellToBe Spiral Vegetable Slicer

This stylish and simple spiralizer includes 6 blades, perfect for trying spiralizing on anything you have in the fridge.


Spiralizing Vegetables
WellToBe Spiral Vegetable Slicer, Amazon

Lurch Super Vegetable Spiralizer

This is a great choice for something a bit more substantial than most spiralizers on the market. It includes 3 different blades and is great for making curly fries with potatoes.


Spiralizing Vegetables
Lurch Super Vegetable Spiralizer Black

Salter Hand Spiralizer

One of the cheaper options, it’s a great one to start you off on your spiralizing journey. With 3 blades I’ve found it has everything I need to explore my spiralizing options.


Hand Spiralizer, Amazon
Hand Spiralizer, Amazon

OXO Spiralizer Grater Zester & Slicer

This is great for something a bit more compact if you’re running out of kitchen cupboard space, and includes a spiralizer, peelers and graters, allowing you to make more with your veg.


OXO Spiralizer Grater Zester & Slicer
OXO Spiralizer Grater Zester & Slicer

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By Demi

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