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Are you someone who can run without music? Or would you soon choose an empowering playlist over runner’s etiquette? Whichever camp you fall into, the subject remains divided…

Those against running with headphones will tell you it’s something they will “never understand”. The crowds, atmosphere and general experience should be enough to see you through. Instead of running in your own little world and getting in the way of people because you can’t hear anything.

Ever come across the term “jogtards”? This is a dig aimed at those who over-estimate their finishing time, get too near the front and hold up faster runners. They are usually found to be wearing headphones, oblivious to all around them. Ouch!

Surely it boils down to common sense. Having awareness of those around you and staying alert to any potential hazards whilst enjoying the beat. Isn’t this called multi-tasking?

Jokes aside, some events do actually disqualify you from wearing headphones, so check the rules before you start. Or prepare to see all that hard work go to waste…

If your ear buds remain firmly intact, here are some tips from Monster on making music work to your advantage…

Monster headphones

Find a beat:

“Use a running channel like Spotify to match your stride to the beat of the music – just like a metronome. When you want to run at a faster pace, for example a tempo run, adjust the beat per minute and your legs will follow. Tackling a challenging run with more confidence in your pacing will help you get more out of it. A harder run starts to feel easy and exhilarating as we tap into the happy hormones and hit that runners high!”

Train your mind:

“If we tell ourselves that we have trained well, the weather is great, our pacing is spot on and we will hydrate and refuel properly, the theory is the race should go to plan. Provided your mind doesn’t get in the way of what your body has been training for! This can often be overlooked by first time marathon runners. It’s just as important to train your mind to run the distance as it is your body. Music helps you to relax and gets your pace off on the right foot!”

Invest in good headphones:

“We recommend the Monster iSport Victory In-Ear Headphones. Purchase here.

By Hettie

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