What does the contents of your fridge say about you?

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Yes, it would be great if we all had healthy, nutritious meals prepped and ready to go in the fridge, but that’s not always reality. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re alone, or the contents of your fridge is weird, now’s the time to find out. Here’s what 5 women always have in their fridge…

Charlotte, 28, journalist and DOSE writer

Now that I live with someone (my husband) my fridge is much better stocked. We cook once or twice a week and always make enough to have leftovers, so you’ll often find leftover shakshuka or grilled salmon the the fridge.

My staples are smoked salmon, eggs, butter, avocado (anyone else keep these in the fridge?), hummus (the perfect snack) and two kinds of milk; almond and whole. We always have a loaf of bread in there, too. We like to make cheese omelettes so keep cheddar on hand, as well as Parmesan for snacking and using on pasta.

As for fruit and veg – Abel and Cole deliveries mean it’s always a bit random, but fun! At the moment, we’re all about apples, pears and pineapple, but it varies regularly and seasonally. There’s often also some old tomato puree or pesto that I used a single spoon of months ago, that has since gone off.

Rebecca, 32, community fundraising executive

I’m not a massive cook but I still always have some essentials in my fridge. A couple of morning necessities are milk for my coffee in the morning (we just got a new Smeg coffee machine- incredible!) and low fat Greek yoghurt, which I normally have with Dorset Cereals Simply Oat Granola before I head off to work, or with honey for a sweet dessert.

I always have eggs in the fridge, and love rustling up an omelette with cheese, tomatoes and red onion for brunch on the weekend.

When I get home from work I need to eat something before dinner. I often have wholemeal pita bread and hummus as it satisfies me but doesn’t fill me up. Celery is my go to healthy snack. My guilty pleasure is cheese so I might have some La Buchette soft goats cheese with Carr’s water biscuits. But I’ll only have small amounts of any of this or no room for dinner!

There will normally be fish in my fridge for dinner, salmon or tuna steak, along with broccoli, asparagus, sprouts or sweet potatoes, all bought from my weekly Ocado shop. I love pesto, on chicken, fish, vegetables, so I always have it to hand.

Finally fruit is an absolute essential. I love grapes and they are an easy snack so I always have them in the fridge. I also like satsumas, plums and berries, and try to keep the fridge filled with fruit at all times – to keep me away from less healthy snacking alternatives.

Naomi, 27, nutrition student

You’ll always find at least three different versions of milk in my fridge: Waitrose Basics skimmed (for omelettes and hot chocolate), oat milk (for my porridge – I’m a massive porridge fan and especially love the Oat-ly Barista version) and almond for my coffee – I love Rude Health.

My go to lunch is a big cheesy, vegetable packed omelette, therefore I always have eggs, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, feta and leeks in my fridge. I also always have EatLean protein cheese, in case I crave extra cheesiness in the omelette or if I’m making a tomato and cheese sauce for my (edamame) pasta.

On the rare occasion I’m not in the mood for porridge for breakfast, I have components of a green smoothie in my fridge – apple, cucumber, celery, carrots, Liberte 0% fat greek style yogurt.

I always end my meal on dark chocolate – even if it’s breakfast! So I like to have a few options in my fridge. My usual choices are Balance Stevia sweetened dark chocolate, Lindt and Montezuma dark chocolate buttons.

I’m also weird in that I like my protein bars cold too, so usually have at least five in my fridge (usual suspects: Quest, RX, Carbkilla). I always have grated turmeric in my fridge too!

Photo: Rawpixel on Unsplash/Gousto

Mel, 31, account director

My fridge is full of random stuff that tends to always be there, my weekly shop and a few specific bits I’ve decided I want in the week. It definitely depends on how many dinners I am planning to be in for.

In the fridge door are things that are pretty much always half full. These are beer (1 x Beavertown Gamma Ray cans), wine (2 x Small bottles of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc), lemon juice (that little plastic lemon), tomato purée, rose harissa, teriyaki, Lurpak lighter spreadable, unsalted butter (for baking), Hellman’s light mayo, Heinz Ketchup, whole grain mustard, Bonne Maman raspberry jam and Philadelphia (tends to be left from making cheesecake or cream cheese buttercream on carrot cake).

In my weekly shop, I always order eggs, salmon, yoghurts (take to work for breakfast), blueberries, milk, broccoli, and fruit – it depends on the week but currently plums and kiwis. This week, I’ve bought specific bits I just fancied: cucumber, avocados, bags of mixed lettuce, radishes, red pepper, beetroot, chicken, pomegranate seeds, parsley and spinach. To be honest my fridge makes me sound healthier than I am – it’s just my naughty things don’t live in the fridge!

Zoe, 32, general manager for Surgery

I’m still into dairy. I can’t give up cheese so there is no point substituting milk, so I have skimmed. However, we have moved over to having our milk delivered by an electric milk truck in glass bottles twice a week. I love the fact it saves us loads of plastic and the retro look is very Instagrammable. The company is Milk & More and is super reliable.

My weekday perfect breakfast is overnight oats, so I always have fruit to add to that. Also always have courgettes, the king of vegetables as they go with everything and I am happy to eat them raw, sliced and dipped into hummus.

Cheese, always cheese. It’s my obsession, from Baby Bel to Epoisses and everything in between. I am not a cheese snob, I love it all (apart from goat) equally and enjoy it as my naughty snack.

A bottle of Sancerre or Chenin Blanc, although I don’t really drink during the week (don’t sleep well even after one glass) I always seem to have wine ready in the fridge for the TFI Friday tipple.

Other must-haves: garlic, balsamic glaze, slimline tonic water, eggs, tomatoes and some sort of fish.

By Charlotte

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