What this nutrition consultant spends on her wellbeing

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Ever wanted to know what a nutrition consultant spends on her wellbeing? Sana Khan is the founder of Avicenna. Read on to see what she spends on her wellbeing, from salt lamps, IV drips and more…


I spend £35 per month on supplements (omega, probiotics, MACA).


I buy paraben-free and minimised chemicals but I also use medical grade products like Obaji Vitamin C serum, Heliocare SPF daily even in winters and a retinol – depending on brands these can range anywhere between £30 to £120.

Once every fortnight I do a Hydrafacial (£175) and once a month Laser Genesis (£125)

And IV therapy- once a month I get a booster like hair nourishment or an energy booster shot. £60 . If I get the time, once every few months I can top up with an IV infusion (starts from £220) for energy, hydration or immune supporting.


To work out, I  go to yoga and spin classes through a membership of £55 a month. Much of the exercise I do now I have incorporated into my home – I have bought a yoga mat (£15) and follow YouTube videos or my own meditation and poses. I also do things like going out for a run or walk – I prefer to do these in nature now and obviously they don’t cost you!


I buy lots of healthy food/add ons from places like Wholefoods and Revital. This can include manuka honey, seeds ie flax and hemp seeds which I use on my breakfasts and salads, Himalayan salt, alternative milks (almond which is sugar free), and I buy as many organic herbs and spices as I can find, from turmeric to cayenne pepper. I also like to purchase a few chia seed puddings if I haven’t had time to make them at home. A weekly shop of these odd health foods can be between £50 to £100 easily. This doesn’t include the normal groceries.


I also use a salt lamp (£60), essential oils (can be £3-£5 each and last for quite a while) and a diffuser from Neals Yard (£68). I also use organic natural bristle body brushes and loofahs in the shower, and natural sanitary pads /tampons instead of the plastic-based ones. Plus, I buy natural deodorant which is aluminium-free.

By Charlotte

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