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There’s something strangely satisfying about peeking into someone else’s fridge… especially when that person happens to work in the health and fitness industry. We’re dying to know if “cheat days” actually exist and if so, what they like indulging in!

To kick start this new series, we have picked on personal trainer Harry Jameson. OK, so we expected to find a lot of kale, broccoli and chicken thighs… but to learn that one of London’s go to health specialists has a penchant for the occasional Haribo binge and (large) glass of red wine, was reassuring to say the least…

Harry, tell us what’s in your fridge…

My fridge is my ‘happy place’. There is nothing I hate more than coming home to an empty fridge and for that reason I keep it full! The standard items that you will always be able to find in there are:

– Kale and broccoli (my fave greens)
– Chicken thighs
– Soy or almond milk (my wife can’t live without it)
– Blueberries
– Avocados
– Eggs
– Bacon
– Red chilli
– Beetroot
– White fish fillets

When and where do you do your weekly shop?

Sainsbury’s in Camden. Normally I do a massive shop on a Sunday after my long run so I can get the bits I need to make a Sunday roast and stock up for the week.

How much do you typically spend?

£80 – £100.

Do you prep all your meals?

No, I don’t meal prep. I feel that life is too short to do two things. One, weigh your food. Two, eat out of Tupperware!

Do you ever have cheat days? If so, what’s your guilty pleasure?

YES… I do! I have two guilty pleasures. Haribo sweets are my downfall, I love them! I am also very partial to a large glass of red wine. I normally have a long run or a hard training session on a Sunday and reward myself with a massive roast, some sweets and a nice glass of Red in front of the TV with some friends and my wife!

Can you share a pic of your fridge?

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