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Meet Kim… Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and creator of Travel & Fitness Blog “Tone What You Own”. Despite her toned physique and multiple modelling contracts, we’re reassured to see that she keeps a stash of Rolo’s at the bottom of her fridge…

Tell us what’s in your fridge…

So my fridge currently looks pretty unadventurous! I have foods that I know work for me and my training lifestyle. Lots of veggies, greek yoghurt, pre cooked salmon, eggs and avocado. These all help to keep me on track with my nutrition. Not forgetting some naughty treats in there too! It’s all about balance right?

When/where do you do your weekly shop?

I shop wherever is convenient. If I want a little more choice for healthy options I’ll go to Whole Foods or Planet Organic. If I’m cooking something nice I’ll go to Waitrose.

How much do you typically spend?

It depends whether it’s a quick stop and shop to top up the food in the fridge or I’m stocking up my pantry. I spend way too much on food in general. I’m a massive foodie! I love cooking (and eating mainly!)

Do you prep all your meals? If so, how long does it take?

I prep my meals on a Sunday where I can, otherwise I’ll cook up double portions of my dinner so I can have it the next day. I like to be relatively flexible with my food preparation, but if I know I’ll be out all day without healthy food choices I’ll make sure I pack food (and snacks) for the day.

Do you ever have cheat days? What’s your guilty pleasure?

Absolutely I have cheat days – or meals here and there. I follow the 80:20 rule. 80% I eat whole natural foods, 20% I eat what I fancy and don’t beat myself up about it. For me it’s about balanced sustainable living and not depriving yourself only to binge eat when you’re fed up with the deprivation.

I’m a caramel fiend so pretty much any caramel based product (hello Rolo’s in the fridge! – Busted!) or Milkybar is my go to guilty pleasure (regularly!)

Can you show us a pic of your fridge?

Photo: Kim Hartwell

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